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Monday, 29 April 2013

Best Kissing scenes in Kdramas:- Part 1

1. Lie To Me:- Cola Kiss

This one is my personal favourite. The serial although had a loose plotting, but it still managed to steal my heart.
This "Cola Kiss" had a perfect setting with viewers having no clue that this scene was about to happen. Which indeed made it even more fascinating.
When Kang Ji-Hwan (Hyun Ki-Joon) notices that Yoon Eun-Hye(Kong Ah-Jung) is all smiles because this was supposed to be her second kiss, she grabs him again and it continues. At the end she says it tasted sweet. How couldn't it when they have sprayed over each other with the whole bottle of Cola.
The kiss was intense and what made it even more seraphic was it finally brought down the walls that the leads were holding.

 Watch it here:-
Lie To Me:- Cola Kiss

2. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop:- Movie Kiss

Jung Il-Woo (Cha Chi-Soo) is head over heels in love with Lee Chung-Ah(Yang Eun-Bi) , who initially refuses to respond to the advancements made by him.
This all starts changing after the "Movie Kiss". In this scene Jung Il-Woo hastes off to the movie theatre when he comes to know that Lee Chung-Ah is on a movie date with Lee Ki-Woo.
He forces her out of the theatre and kisses her. Agitated Lee Chung-Ah says does he think this act of his will make her fall for him. He is smart, he says I have just started and now once it starts it is worth the goosebumps you get.

Watch it here:-

3. Coffee Prince

You would find this one among most of the lists that have been compiled till now.
And the question is why is it so????
The reason is pretty simple, it was selfless love that (Gong Yoo) Choi Han-Gyul  had for ( Yoon Eun-Hye) 
 Ko Eun-Chan. When he was unsure as to why he was getting attracted to Ko Eun Chan as it was actually a she who was cross dressing as a he. But the twist is Han Gyul didn't know yet. And despite all this he told Eun Chan that whether he be a guy or an alien he doesn't care, and he loves him inspite all this. 

Watch the collection of Coffee Prince Kisses:-

4. Goong

Till now you might think I'm obsessed with Yoon Eun-Hye , if I say NO then that would be wrong as a matter of fact I am. But all Kdrama fans who have watched her dramas will agree that she surely knows how to kiss. In fact after her latest drama "I Miss You" she has created a wave "Pink Syndrome". Which basically refers to the pink lipstick she had adorned for the drama.

Every man wants that the women he loves should support him the most in times of need. Shin Chae-Kyung
(Yoon Eun-Hye) is one such life partner who goes through all the struggles to stand by Lee Shin(Joo Ji-Hoon) when he is encompassed with all kind of acquisitions.
In between these problems he finds that she is the happiness he has to live for he shares this moment with her.

Watch it here:-

5. Playful Kiss:- Rain Kiss

Kim Hyun-Joong (Baek Seung-Jo) being an arrogant and cold guy never tried showing his love for  Jung So-Min (Oh Ha-Ni). It was peak time when all the viewers were expecting him to do something about his stubbornness, as Oh Ha Ni eventually decided to marry Lee Tae-Seong (Bong Joon-Gu). 
And our wishes were granted when this "Rain Kiss" happend. Finally he confessed his love for Oh Ha Ni saying how could she marry Bong Joon Gu when she didn't even love him. She replies does that even make a difference as you know I Love You, but you don't seem to care so...................
The sentence goes unfinished and you know why SO?????

Watch it by clicking on the link:-

These Kdramas and many more have always swept us by our feet with the kind of romantic scenes they offer. They are portrayed  with innocence and upsurge of emotion that you want to see again and again. We save them on our desktops, Smart phones, ipods....
Just to see them once more, but this is never the deal once you watch them you want to relive them again. The other times you do know what is coming next, what they are about to say and how is it gone happen. Inspite of all this you do enjoy them with the same fervor that you had the first time.
These all are small things which when combined makes us yearn for even more of these.

So dedicate your favourite scenes to the ones you love.