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Sunday, 21 April 2013

When a Man Loves:- Episode 7,Preview

Baek Sung introducing a girl to Jae Hee

Han Tae Sang with a mini mouse bow.

Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do at the amusement park.

Baek Sung-Joo:- There is a great guy I know. He did his MBA from America.(While introducing Lee Jae Hee to one of her friends at a cafe.)

Baek Sung Joo:- I wanted you to get a date with him.(This very moment he looks out of cafe glass door to see Seo Mi Do. And Sung Joo is seen giving an overweening smile.)

Koo Yong-Kab(He's the  conman Han Tae Sang's bosses friend.) :- Did you tell your brother you killed a man for  Han Tae Sang?(He is talking to Lee Chang Hee, Jae Hee's brother. Chang Hee is rushing towards him with a baseball bat.)

Lee Chang Hee:-Let's die today.(Holding the bat and face to face with Yong Kab.)

Lee Jae Hee:- He was wearing a couple ring. Do you know who is he dating?

Next still shows Seo Mi Do and Han Tae Sang at an amusement park, having fun time.They are taking rides together.

Lee Jae Hee:- Is it not Beak Sung Joo.(He has a doubt whether the girl who shares the other couple ring is Sung Joo or not.)

Han Tae Sang:- You like teddy bears? Why is it in a man's room?( Talking to Lee Jae Hee while taking a visit of his house. He is referring to the same teddy that he gave to Seo Mi Do.)

Lee Jae Hee:- I stole it. Who has the other ring.(Han Tae Sang is looking at his ring.)

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