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Thursday, 25 April 2013

 When a Man Loves:- Episode 8, Preview

Han Tae Sang:- You have something to say Mr. Lee?(while they were in a meeting where Seo Mi Do was giving the presentation.)

Lee Jae Hee:- No Why?(He is rigorously looking at Han Tae Sang's couple ring and glaring back and forth and Seo Mi Do and Han Tae Sang.)

Han Tae Sang:- You look like you wanted to say something.(while smiling at Seo Mi Do, who is smiling back to him.)

Lee Jae Hee:- I wanted to tell something to you.(He calls Seo Mi Do at the roof top)

Baek Sung Joo:- How is director Lee Jae Hee? He seems to care about you a lot.(talking to Seo Mi Do)

Then a scene is shown where planning department has a party. Where Jae Hee and Mi Do seem to have fun.)

At the party one of the members of planning committee says she likes Seo Mi Do.

Lee Jae Hee adds to it saying he does too.

Seo Mi Do and Han Tae Sang are enjoying cherry blossom when
Han Tae Sang:- I think I became stupid. I don't need to eat or sleep. I'm full of energy.
I'm happy that you're with me.(he is making all the flowers fall on her.)

Han Tae Sang and Lee Jae Hee are at a site visit.

Han Tae Sang:- I'm going to propose to my girlfriend.

Lee Jae Hee:-You're going to propose?

Han Tae Sang:- Is there a problem?

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