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Saturday, 20 April 2013

All About My Romance:-  Episode 6, Preview

No Min Young:- You're a Joke.(Speaking to Kim Soo Young)

Kim Soo Young:-Do you feel this nervous and excited when you joke around like this? (He replies to the above remark.)

Song Joon Ha:-Just give up on your feelings.(Talking to Kim Soo Young. During this scene they all are in lift and Kim Soo Young sees Joon Ha helping out Min Young for adjusting her collar. Seriously!!!!, What he must have felt after seeing this, is the very much cause of his reply that is down.)

Kim Soo Young:- You sure, You're just her adviser?

Song Joon Ha:- If you hurt No Min Young as a person or as a politician, I won't let you get away.

There is a scene where Min Young is ripping off Soo Young's shirt. I wonder what exactly happens. But sadly will have to wait till next Wednesday.

Kim Soo Young:- I am thinking of stopping the way I feel about No Min Young on a personal level.

Maeng Joo-Ho(Kim Soo Young's adviser:-the aged one) :- I am worried he is going to collapse if he keeps going the way he does.(While talking to Kim Sang-Soo,the younger adviser of Kim Soo Young.)

No Min Young overhears the above. And at restaurant Moon Joo Ho is trying to normalise Kim Soo Young.

No Min Young:- It's because the opponent is just absurd.

No Min Young is shown messing around her hair, while Kim Soo Young is at her house.

Ko Dong-Sook(another representative from No Min Young's 2 member party) :- With the expectations of the monsters of GKP , anyone is possible.(She replies to No Min Young's above comment)

There is a bus scene where reporter Ah Hee Sun is trying to kiss Kim Soo Young and he just stares at her.

No Min Young:- Even if the world where to become yours, there will be one person you can't have and that's going to be me.

This above statement she gives at the same spot where episode 5 ends.
The next scene Kim Soo Young trying to move away and No Min Young getting a hold of him.

Kim Soo Young:- I think you're mad at me.

No Min Young:-Just leave me alone. I think my head is going to explode because of you.

These above two dialogues happen at roof top, after which Kim Soo Young makes the move and kisses No Min Young.(Awww!!!!, first kiss)

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