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Sunday, 28 April 2013

All About My Romance:- Episode 8, Preview 

Kim Soo Young :- Why were you too eager?(At the library playing hide and seek with No Min Young amidst the books. When No Min Young is looking at him and smiling, he is keeping back the books. So as to not get a glance of Min Young.)

No Min Young:- When have I ever taken you lightly? Kim So Young.(while at a legislative meeting.)

Kim Soo Young:- I always as a second thought to you. All I do is hang on to you. It makes me look like a fool. ( He has a haircut in this part, personally I like him more with short hair.)

Minority Party Leader:- I am telling you to quit your party and come join mine instead.(At this point Soo Young is having dinner with him.)

Majority Party Leader:- Stealing people from others isn't that the most fun in this world.(So now Soo Young is having a different grooming lunch with him.)

Kim Soo Young:- So you were wrong that day.(Talking to Min Young while she is dragging him to a meeting board room)

No Min Young:- Yes!!

Kim Soo Young:- Then just accept it, and let's date.

No Min Young:- Yes, wait. What?????

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