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Sunday, 14 April 2013

 When a Man Loves , Episode 3-4 Outlook:-

I enjoyed the pace at which the drama had started and continued to run along the first two episodes. But somehow the episodes 3-4 had all the old tricks and plotting.

Throwing cold water on the well woven  first two episodes.

Seo Mi-Do(Shin_Se-Kyung)  the lead female character is jumbled between Han Tae-Sang (Song_Seung-Heon)  and Lee Jae-Hee(Yeon_Woo-Jin). And the cause of this juggling around is also the conjuring trick where one(Han Tae Sang) has helped her when she most needed it, another(Lee Jae Hee) he is the one who hasn't done anything in specific but shares same interests as her.
And what is even more old school is the fact there is another woman(Baek Sung-Joo)(Chae_Jung-Ahn) who seems to have no other goal in life, but to have Han Tae Sang.
Now what mostly happens from here is this other woman will be trying to make life hell for Seo Mi Do. And Mi Do who is already struggling to choose one will be in deep waters.
And Tae Sang and Jae Hee will be fighting over a woman, NOOOO that is still not the problem. The Gordian knot is they are talking about the same girl, alas they haven't had a chance of encounter where all three would have been together.
And when such face off happens it's Sung Joo who happens to be giving proxy for Mi Do.
How many times have we seen these series of events???? GUESS
Plenty of times.
If you and me were to author this we know how exactly will it go.
Castles of misunderstandings being built. Characters trying to make a way out of the this. Finally after all these catastrophes the things will go back being normal.

So what I could never understand about such plotting is why create unnecessary troubles just to get out of them eventually.

But I still do have a hope as we have a ratio of 50:50. As the first two episodes had a nice framework and the other two somehow ruined it.

Waiting fot the coming episodes to see where will this drama lead us to.

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