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Thursday, 4 April 2013

That Winter The Wind Blows:- Episode 16 Full Recap

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Oh Soo rushes for Yongie's aide as he senses the fright in her voice while talking to her on phone. He thinks that Youngie will resort to something deadly and suicidal, as she must have watched the video tape that he had recorded before leaving the house. But Youngie hadn't watched it.
When he reached there he found Youngie had cut her wrists and was bleeding. Panicking he calls Dr Jo. At the same time, Moo Chul is shown being chased by Kim's man. At first it seemed like he killed Moo Chul. Oh boy! were we wrong. Yes we were. Moo Chul breaks the hit man's hand and tells him to rumaway. But was the happiness short lived. Yes it was. His stomach cancer relapses and he falls on his knees. At the very moment Jin Sung saw him and piggy backs him to hospital. Despite that Moo Chul dies on the way. Jin Sung wails out.

Dr. Jo saves Youngie and tells that she would be fine. When she is about to leave She tells Oh Soo about Moo Chul's death. She says he lived like a dog and died like one. She notifies Oh Soo not to come for cremation.

Oh Soo is keeping an eye on Youngie by sitting next to her bed. He held her hands and just then she wakes up from sleep.He tells her to sleep back and take some rest. In the morning  nurse comes in to get the routine check up done. But she doesn't wake up Oh Soo Who had fallen asleep there. Youngie while trying to get off the bed,hits his elbow. And gets the urge to feel his face. Now she is curious about what was there in that video. She goes to the green house. Reads the letter Oh Soo had written earlier and hears out the video. She is blind so technically she can't watch. I remember she said in an episode that it is funny,how we blind people who can't see will say lets watch a movie.

So back to the point. In the video Oh Soo says that at this point she must be aware of his true identity. He confesses that he loved her. He adds that if it's over between us then I wish you a happy life and stay well. And if it's not, then let's meet sometime, because I still have to share a lot of things with you.

Oh Soo wakes up and searches for Youngie. Just then she arrives and tells him that she is hungry. He asks her whether she would like to have the potato soup he had made last time at the cabin. She says okay. Now while she is having the soup he questions how is it. She replies it is better than the previous one. Oh Soo tells  her that he cooks for Jin Sung and Hee Sun ocassionally. After everything ends he is planning to take up it as a career. Will he, keep on reading. You will know eventually.

They are sitting on the couch, Oh Soo tells he wants to be by her side till the surgery. But she wants him to go when Lawer Jang arrives. Oh Soo is saddened on haering this. Youngie says she wasn't even once afraid of dying when she had cut her wrists. She had hope that he will come to rescue her. She clarifies that she wants him to leave because when he is not there it gives her a hope that there is someone out there who has to come back to her. This brightens up his eyes. Now Youngie talks about the surgery and they both start crying. She tells him that she loves him so much, so not to cry. He ties her hand to the bell and leaves.

Lawyer Jang finishes up his work in Seoul and it is then Oh Soo goes. Both Youngie and Oh Soo say goodbye through their bells. Lawyer Jang informs Oh Soo time of surgery is 8 pm. So he would call then.

Oh Soo helps Jin Sung, Hee Sun and his family to pack up the things and they are moving back to country side.

One side Youngie is getting ready for surgery and Oh Soo gearing up for the game. Dr Jo does the check up and asks Youngie about her feeling. She says she has hope that she will live well and happily. This makes Dr. Jo happy and she replies when patient has the spirit the rate of success is 50%. In that case doctor doesn't feel burderned. Secreatry Wang hugs Youngie and tells her everyone needs someone to live. So never loose hope and she is very sorry for what she has done. Youngie says that she has a very awkward way of hugging. But if she would have understood her way of expressing love then she wouldn't have felt lonely.

Oh Soo along with other members starts gambling. Intially it doesn't go well. But later Jin Sung joins him. Play is going well. But Oh Soo is folding all the cards. Seeing this Jin Sung is agitated. He calls him to talk outside for a moment. Just then President Kim arrives. Oh Soo says if we loose you won't get anything so decide for youself, Whether you still wan to kill us or not. Jin SUng is impressed that he is still in form.

They both win the game. But destiny had planned it otherwise. Jin Sung had taken care that all the hit men of Kim are locked up. But Kim had another way out. When Oh Soo leaves as it is 8 pm and time of surgey, Kim instructs Jin Sung to kill Oh Soo. He is all tears, as his family is put as stake by Kim. He stabs Oh Soo. Oh Soo keeps on asking why.... why...why....
Jin Sung is dumbstruck by his own act. Oh Soo collapses on the floor.

So we have a blackout shown here.

Scene shifts to a year later to spring season. Youngie is shown with a bus full of blind people. Even secretary Wang has a blind fold. They go in for a fun session of book reading.

Later Jin SUng and Hee sun are having quirky fights. Then they discuss what flowers to take to Oh Soo. Hee Sun says last time we took baby breath, Jin Sung says let's take lamb's ear as that resembles Youngie the most.

Youngie takes cab to go to Bukchang, but asks driver to drop on the way itself. She gets off holding her stick and the very next she folds it back. Question is can she see or not?? She hears the same bell that she gave to Oh Soo. But can't see the face of the person as he has gone ahead riding bicycle.

Now she enters into a restaurant, where waiter is telling people who are arriving that it is their break time. When Youngie comes, she says it is break time right? Waitress replies saying yes, but she says they have time left for her. Waitress says this while nodding at someone. She guides Youngie to sit at the table under sunlight. She searches for the table and sits. Now she feels the lamb's ear placed on the table. Now waiter serves her herbal tea. She asks the waiter that the weather is nice, isn't it. He replies yes. He asks her it seems she can't see, as she has a cane. She questions that whether it is his first time seeing a blind person. He tells her he had someone whom he loved, she was also blind. To this she again raises a question that it would have been uncomfortable. But he says never once it was like that. He asks can't she see at all, she replies No. And its bright sunlight getting clear and alas it is Oh Soo. Yayy!!!
she says she can see only that he is very very good looking. You bet, he is.
Now he asks when did she know he was working here. She says it was 21 days ago when she went for chemotherapy with Secretary Wang. Secretary wang told her he had been working there since past 6 months, but told her not tell Youngie. She asks him why didn't he tell her sooner. He said he was afraid that she might not like what she sees. But She smiles and says no way, you are very looking. He asks can we meet again. Beautifully she replies who knows. And they kiss.......

Walking down the flowery path of spring they seemed so happy.

Happy ending!!!!

I was in love with the drama , the way they had captured and accentuated the emotions, incredible.

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  1. yeah incredible drama and the way you present the recaps makes it more interesting :)