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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Choi Jin-hyuk being considered for "Heirs"

Here we have a new member being offered the rule for the much awaited drama "Heirs".
And the person is Choi Jin-hyuk, he is one star who very well knows how to make you fall in love with the love scenes. The way he delivers his care, concern and passion for the person he is loving is worth a watch.

I watched his drama "I Need Romance" which is a Korean version of "Sex & the City". If you watch this drama you'll find what I have said above to be true. The only trouble his character in dramas always had is being such an eye candy and treating the girl like princess, still he never manages to get the Heroine.

More or less the situation won't change here too, as the hot favourite Lee Min Ho will be taking Park Shin Hye away.

The only problem these kind of Korean dramas have is the heroines always manage to look like a school girl, but we don't get that kind of acceptance for heroes who are acting the same.

It would be a good package to see these three stars together, and mostly because they haven't acted together before. And when a new dish is served, about which you have already heard good reviews then the wait is usually pennyworth.

Let's hope this taste manages to steal our heart. As we will be waiting till October, which is very long to have the first bite.

Source:- Dramabeans

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