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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Long Preview for All About My Romance released

The long preview starts with Lee Min Jung embarking on the parliamentary office. She is trying hard to break the door open. But unfortunately Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung try their mights at the same time.

What goes wrong is Min Jung tries to open it with a fire extinguisher. And you have guessed it right. She hits him on the head.
The stills of the serial which were released earlier of Shin Ha Kyun laying in the hospital, were a result of this act. Now although he hasn't been hit that hard. He tries to keep everyone informed, that it will take time for him to recover.
Shin Ha Kyun gets to know the same news that he has spread. So she calls and asks. His secretary exaggerates under his watch and cuts the phone.
Hearing this she can't stop, but rush herself to the hospital. She catches him escaping. This where the scene that you must have seen of Min Jung trying to make a balance while tripping and Ha Kyun holding her happens.
All the clips come and break and rejoin in the form of newspaper bits. Strikes right too. As newspaper is the destination of all political issues.
The preview in itself is enjoyable. Lets wait for April 4 to discover your laughing points.

Link for the long preview:- It whooping 9.26 minutes long.

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