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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Master's Sun :- New Hong Sisters Drama

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This one is another Hong sisters drama. Last drama they wrote was BIG. I did enjoy the drama, but do agree that the ending could have been better.  It even left us perplexed.

Now moving on to what is this drama about. Story of a girl who can see ghosts that is Kong Hyo Jin
Now you can guess in two directions that it would be she who is helping out connecting some dots.
Our she would be constantly getting into trouble, first not realising what power she with holds and later she is getting used to it.
Now what does the hero do in this drama. He protects this girl. And the guy is So Ji Sub.
Kong Hyo Jin has already acted in one of the Hong sisters drama The Greatest Love.
So heroine has lesser work on that end of getting to know the writer.
And interestingly our hero is also well acquired with ghost characters. WHY???

He had played the lead in a drama where he was the ghost, I am GHOST.

Another good news is that it is being directed by Jin Hyeok director of  City Hunter and Brilliant Legacy.
It will be aired on SBS, release date has been mentioned as July 2013. And slots will be Wed. & Thu. 21:55.
So tighten up your seat belts as its a promising writer and director combo. 

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