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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

You're the best Lee Soon Shin:- Episode 13, Full Recap

We have Shin Joon Ho trying the methods suggested by his assistant, Soon Shin’s mother trying to find greater meaning of life, Soon Shin struggling between pursuing her acting and mother’s will, grandma feeling that she is an old bag who is of no use and Hye Shin holding up the family in times of need.
In short we had an episode where everyone was trying to play their role despite the day to day struggles that they have to go through.

Episode starts with Soon Shin getting dumbstruck on seeing her mother outside Mi Ryung’s home when she was about to receive the door. But she is saved this time as the manager shows up the door. First he tries to send off Soon Shin’s mother thinking she has mistaken the house. But when he finds that she crazily wants to see Mi Ryung without telling him the reason. He wards her off, thinking that this woman has lost her cool. Here Mi Ryung is worried about why Soon Shin is standing amazed and not speaking a word. Even the manger asks her the same thing. He also tells Mi Ryung that there was a strange woman at the door. Soon Shin knowing that it was her mom rushes out in hurry telling that she would have wine some other time. Mi Ryung tries calling her out, but she is already gone.

She is running on the road trying to catch up with her mother. When she finally finds her, she asks her what she is doing outside. Her mother replies that she had come outside for some fresh air. She in turn asks Soon Shin is she coming from work. Hesitantly she says yes. They both reach home and Soon Shin’s mother without replying to any calls just hastens to her room and starts taking out clothes one by one. The very moment she decides what to wear she tries to deck up a little in a bid to meet Mi Ryung. This is all changed when she sees Mi Ryung coming out of her car. What exactly happened here we do come to know when she goes to see Gil Ja Chan Woo’s mom. She tells her to handle over a bottle of soju. At first she is reluctant to give her as she thinks she is asking for it because she is saddened over the truth of her husband having an affair with Mi Ryung. But soon she realizes it’s a different truth that is eating her up. And that was the birth secret of Soon Shin, Mi Ryung being Soon Shin’s real mother. When Gil Ja hears it even she couldn’t believe what she heard. When Soon Shin’s mother tells her that her husband has cheated on her with Mi Ryung and Soon Shin being his child, Gil Ja refuses to agree with her. This was for the first time I had seen Gil Ja actually doing something good rather than giving wind to the fire. Soon Shin’s mother cries out calling herself a stupid who has lived her life for nothing.

Shin Joon Ho asks his secretary to get some ginseng or such gifts that parents would like. Secretary after hearing this gets all excited as this was the advice given by him. When he was about to leave he tells Joon Ho not to forget the part when everything fails he has to bow down on his knees. Joon Ho being himself says this guy can never be serious.
But contrast to this, is what exactly happens. When he reaches Soon Shin’s home he sees her grandmother outside at the garden. He reintroduces and tells her that he is again there to get permission for Soon Shin. Grandma thinks he is asking the permission to date as he wants to marry her. But Joon Ho clarifies he has no intentions on marrying her. This instant Soon Shin’s mother steps out and shuts him off. Hye Shin tries to stop her mother, but fails. Instead Joon Ho gets hit by grandma with her broom.

At home Soon Shin’s mother is getting disinterest in doing her daily chores as she feels that she is failure who has lived for nothing.  She ignores what her mother in law sais about renting the room and even refuses to give her water telling that he should do that herself. Seeing her mother fall out Hye Shin is trying to maintain the peace at house. She is cooking all the meals and taking care of grandma. Grandma tells her that she feels that after her son has passed away her mother is treating her differently. Hye Shin tries to shield her mother saying it’s all due to menopause issues. Grandma refuses to eat the lunch and tells Hye Shin that she is going out to finally rent that room.

She goes to the bakery asking Mr. Baker to rent the room. As she finds him honest and good in nature, such that she would feel at ease at night. Our Mr. Baker isn’t that stupid as he shows he intelligently asks her about Hye Shin having a husband or not. She tells him he is in Hong Kong for an year till then Hye Shin will live there. He agrees on renting it.

Joon Ho is all angry over Mi Ryung’s manager as according to him he has filled those slots for movies which are being directed by famous directors. Trying to change the subject manager tells that it is because of him this is happening. Unable to understand this he asks why so. Manager tells him that Mi Ryung has her time booked for taking classes for Soon Shin and his sister. He also reveals that Mi Ryung is just using Soon Shin to make Yi Jung to quit acting.

This leads to Joon Ho remembering what his mother said about his father being a changed man and even tells him that at dinner he was behaving nicely towards Mi Ryung. He connected the dots and was furious over realizing the truth.

He goes to his father angry over what he has done. Same time Chan Woo was there discussing about some seminar. Joon Ho gets angry when is father says that Chan Woo is good looking and tall unlike him. He says that father you don’t know a thing my kind of face is the latest trend. He keeps on looking Chan Woo from top to down. And its funny how Joon Ho broadens his chest and walks away. Chan Woo asks his assistant nurse who is he. She tells him he is the son of president.

Then the next day he goes and asks Soon Shin why is her face so filled up with worries and is it because of her mother. She affirms it saying that her mother is going through a lot. She apologizes to him for being harshly treated by her mother. He tells her to quit Mi Ryung’s class and to take it from other instructor. But she refuses to do so. Finally he just gives her a tip that “Too much praise can act like poison.”

Their Yoo Shin is on shuffle remembering the Kiss she shared with Chan Woo. Trying to erase all that is running in her head she goes for climbing. But she hears Chan Woo’s voice there too, which makes her think that she has gone mad. But soon she finds Chan Woo is really there. She asks him why he is there. He tells her she called up her office to know that she was here. He is all ready to climb up. She mocks him saying that what all he must have done in military is medical practices only. Instead she is all shocked when she finds him climbing that too faster than she could imagine. What hits her hard is the fact that girls sitting down are shouting at Chan Woo what a guy he is. He follows Yoo Shin to lunch and asks her for a movie. She questions him what kind of relation do the two shares. When he tells her didn’t he clarify last time? She says oh!! We are friends. What I loved was this time he doesn’t fight it. He just gives in.

Mi Ryung tells Choi Yeon-ah about the fact that Soon Shin too felt that the end of the movie in which Mi Ryung had acted earlier should have had a laughing scene instead of crying. Hearing that Soon Shin is smart Choi Yeon-ah doesn’t like, but suppresses the disagreement.  Choi Yeon-ah asks Mi Ryung to leave her till outside. She is angered on seeing that after seeing her off Mi Ryung is rushing up the stairs to chat again with Soon Shin. She even rejects Choi Yeon-ah’s offer for a fashion show for taking the class.  Shin Yi-jung messages Mi Ryung she wouldn’t be able to come to class as she is sick.

Taking this opportunity she tells Soon Shin to give a tour of her neighborhood. Soon Shin is very happy on hearing this. They both are taking a walk when Mi Ryung starts coughing. Soon Shin ties a scarf around her neck saying even she has a case of mild bronchitis and this is what her father used to do. This makes Mi Ryung remember Soon Shin’s father who used to do the same for her.

She asks are’nt there any good restaurants. Soon Shin tells her place but thinks she won’t come. But she readily agrees. When they reached the place, Joon  Ho calls up Soon Shin asking where is she. She tells him the location and even that she is with Mi Ryung. He rushes over to the place. He tells Mi Ryung not to play with Soon Shin’s emotions. She tells him out of everyone specially he doesn’t have the right to say so as he is doing this to Soon Shin just to win a bet. But looking over tender hearted Soon Shin she says but he doesn’t need to worry as she surely is going to make her an actress.

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