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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

You are the best Lee Soon Shin Episode 9 Preview

Soon Shin's mom:- Do you remember the scarf, have you seen it before?(asking to a lady, who is probably from an orphanage)

Lady:-How could I remember those? But you can investigate. But don't expect too much.(she is saying this while showing her Kyung Suk's/Mi Ryeong's records)

Yoo Shin:- Why are you like this?(talking to Chan Woo)

Chan Woo:-I know what you mean. It's alright.

Yoo Shin:-I already apologized,shouldn't I be forgiven?
Exactly why?

Chan Woo:-Because I like You.

Soon Shin's mom:-Want to get permitted.(talking to Shin Joon Ho)

Yoo Shin:- You want permission to date?

Grandma:-You have that thought when you love.

Joon Ho-No,that's not it.

Hye Shin:- Isn't that swindler's name too Shin Joon Ho.

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