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Saturday, 13 April 2013

 You're the best Lee Soon Shin, episode 11, preview:-
 Lee Hye Shin and Lee Yoo Shin(played by Yoo In Na visited Shin Joon Ho(played by Jo Jung suk) at his office to check on Lee Soon Shin(played by IU).
Soon Shin told Yoo Shin that she signed a contract with Joon Ho’s agency. 
 Yoo Shin doubted her and asked, “Did you get swindled again? What kind of joke are you playing?” Soon Shin answered, “This time it’s real for sure. I get lessons from Song Mi Ryung(played by Lee Mi Sook) too.”
Later Yoo Shin told Hye Shin about this, and the two decided to go to Joon Ho to talk about the contract.
At Joon Ho’s office, Yoo Shin asked Joon Ho, “With what intention did you make Soon Shin sign the contract?” Joon Ho answered, “I saw potential. Why are you looking down on your little sister? She has a lot of potential.” Moreover, Hye Shin asked Joon Ho to edit some parts of the contract.
As they found out Soon Shin didn’t get swindled this time, the sisters decided to support her and keep it secret to their mother.
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