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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Drama Alert:- Moon Geun-young and Lee Sang-yoon

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  Moon Geun-Young is set to lead in the new drama "The Goddess of Fire Jeongiwhich is a period drama. Lee Sang Yoon will be her leading man for the drama. 
The drama  depicts the life and love of Yoo Jeong, the first woman who ever made ceramic in the Joseon Dynasty period.
She was among the group of artisans taken to Japan, who were forced to continue their work there.
 Interestingly this is the first time any drama is being made on the life of a potter.

But her connection with the Joseon Dynasty isn't new. As she has previously potrayed the role of Shin Yun-bok a professional painter in her drama "The Painter of Wind", five years back. 

 Lee Sang Yoon takes on the role of King Gwang-hae who became king during the Joseon period but doesn't live a peaceful life due to the threats towards him.

Drama is scheduled to be released during July 2013, on MBC. It will be taking the slot of "Gu Family Book" and is set for 32 episodes.

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