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Saturday, 13 April 2013

All About My Romance, Episode 2, Full Recap

 It’s Kim Soo Young and No Min Young still trying to sought it out.  Poor Kim Soo Young is trying hard to make an escape, but Min Young isn’t that easy to give a run off. After managing to keep back, she wants him to make a public appearance in front of the media, to unveil the truth. She tells him she thought he was on death bed. Trying to scoff he says he was but he recovered. Min Young mocks him saying WOWWW!!! Then what she is witnessing is a miracle. He tries to escape saying that he has a previous engagement to get to. We all remember while trying to save her falling of the stairs she accidently kisses his chest. And having OCD about every other thing he says he has spit on him. She says that is purely absurd as she had dry lips and her lips were sealed. He says he feels gross and damp. He tries to run away saying he is in need of immediate shower. But she holds him back. He asks her what exactly does she propose, should they go to the reporters like this (that is his shirt all open and torn). She starts clicking continuous shots.  He is all furious and says that this is an illegal; violation of his rights and an outright voyeurism without consent.  She tells him if he is planning on escaping or doing anything stupid she will upload them all.  He tells her to hand them back, otherwise he will get physically aggressive with a woman for the first time in his life. He keeps on going that he will become assertive and TADDDDAAAA she keeps the phone in her shirt pocket and he just couldn’t do anything, as he couldn’t lay his hands there. Now assured she says they can have a peaceful conversation. But she says something needs to be done about his shirt situation as it is totally unattractive to look at him. She goes and gets the stapler and gets his shirt punched with it all over.
Reporter An Hee-Sun arrives at the hospital to find him but, instead sees through her car’s rear mirror him escaping with a woman. She goes right into the hospital to confirm it. His assistant tries to cover for him, but couldn’t.

Min Young takes Soo Young to a quiet place where they can discuss further. She begins making her point. Can I cuss you a little as I didn’t get a chance to do that earlier? The level of your shamelessness is enough to get you on a spaceship of shame and shoot you out to the outer space. In one word you are a space alien. You are a culprit who undermines the democracy in this country and a political hogwash that’s giving politics a bad name. She says she feels better and asks him does he want a chance for rebuttal. I will forgive you for deceiving me and even get rid of the pictures she took earlier. Instead in exchange he has to stop conspiring and act patriotic for once. She  tells him she needs his help for that. He responds saying all she can think of is how can more political moves san be schemed, isn’t it? He adds this is why he hates politicians. This is the reason he wants to quit politics. Puzzled Min Young asks is that true. He says it all didn’t work out because of her timing. No matter what he will leave everything up to them whether she makes the country better, or makes it more mess. He says that he would be keeping an eye on them being the citizen of that country. She welcomes his stand and asks him does he know by how many votes was he elected. He tells her by 50.3%,that is a total of 603,113 citizens. She ridicules him saying he has pretty good memory. In turn he says it isn’t pretty good, but excellent.  The time that citizens took to cast those 603,113 votes if were to convert it into monetary value, the election money that he had used and the tax payers money he has earned and the money that is going to spent on re-election because of him,  everything combined is an astronomical amount.   
She retails him it’s all the debt that he has accrued.  He needs to pay those off before he goes. He asks her whom is he supposed to pay back this money, to her. Is she trying to rip him off?  If that is the case he would pay back by working for the society.  Fair trading act, subcontracting law, economic democratization such as the franchising act law, the issues regarding irregular workers, and the maternity insurance act, she keeps on recounting them. He asks her to stop and get to the point.  She tells him to promote them together, and to pass any bill she would require 9 other signatures.  She brings in the point she can’t do that without his support as her party has just two votes.  Could he help her get other signatures by helping her get other signatures.  He says and why exactly should he help her?  Because life is too hard she responds. There are countless crimes being committed, suicides among teens and people who are in their 40’s and 50’s. He says he knows.  She asks him is it normal for any country. She rejoins what about the death rates? He says he knows about those too. She tells him they are not just numbers but someone’s life. It’s not something to be understood with brains. And that is the reason they should make their lives less of hardship if they can. This makes Soo Young remember the interview Min Young had given which he thought was cheesy. She gets a phone call from advisor Song Joon-Ha and she runs off from there saying if he doesn’t help her they all will be leaked and his name on internet will be “take it all off”.

She goes to her parliamentary office to find out that they have given proxy for Kim Soo Young while trying to pass the bill. And as everybody including the media knows that he was being taken to the hospital at that time. So how possibly he could vote?

While coming back to the hospital Soo Young notices the cleaning lady. He gets an urge to ask her what all hardships she faces.  She tells him it’s hard to make ends meet with the salary she gets after paying off the tax. It makes him thinking, but the very moment Hee Sun arrives and takes him to his room and asks him what he was doing with a woman outside.  He tells her it’s all her fault if she wouldn’t have lied about his health this wouldn’t have happened.

Soo Young secretary gets shocked on seeing his shirt stapled. But he fires back saying it was him who had bought this shirt.  Secretary tells him but that doesn’t give him a right to ruin it.  Soo Young is wondering how to take off his shirt. His secretary tells him to wear it for rest of his life angrily.

At home Min Young, while doing her work get distracted imagining the incident that happened earlier. She keeps on looking at the bare chest of Soo Young repeatedly. 

At hospital Soo Young’s advisor Maeng Joo-Ho arrives he asks him how he slept.  He answers he couldn’t sleep well. Advisor replies saying that he thought so as he kept turning and tossing around.  He asks why the advisor came this early morning.  And also notifies him that he can’t take it any longer and he needs to get out of there. He responds saying that it is a good decision. As politicians have went and got out of jail so many times just to follow orders of the party. And all this helps the party to get re-elected again and again. Enraged Soo Young says is he saying that he would have to go to jail. Advisor just tells him that it’s just an advice. Soo Young responds saying it is a threatening one.

Soo Young gets to know that his fellow party man  Moon Bong-Sik is going to file a law suit on his behalf. He in short conveys this to Min Young and tells her to do nothing stupid. She and her sub ordinates get into the press conference where rising of this law suit is being addressed.  Confident Moon Bong-Sik makes all kinds of remarks. When he is finished with what he had to say, Min Young jumps in and says they have fabricated the bill passing. She tells them Soo Young was marked present in spite of the fire extinguisher incident.  She questions that how possibly this could have happened? Does Kim Soo Young have special powers to be at two different places at once?  Or could there be another representative Kim Soo Young?  Or he can divide in the cellular level like an amoeba can like the monkey king playing in the palm of the great Buddha.

Soo Young comes to the parliament to the parliament and clarifies all the notions he says he was never traumatized, nor did he have a nervous breakdown and what Bong Sik had said are all lies. At the same time Min Young was leaving the parliament. They both encounter each other and all reporters gather around them. Soo Young says he is forgiving Min Young for the accidental hit as it was a mistake.
Inside the GKP all leaders are discussing and coming up with ideas to divert the reporters.  The very moment 

Soo Young arrives and they are all over him. Asking him what not, finally he tells them that they are all shameless and have become so thick skinned that they need a chemical bleach to peel that off. And when they are done with that only then he would have a discussion with them.
There  Ko Dong-Sook is making Min Young understand the importance of being with other parties as only then they will get the full story. Then arrives crazy ajhummas fan club of Soo Young who keep on accusing Min Young. Not able to bear it Soo Young asks them to apologize for their ignorant and undemocratic behavior.

Min Young hands over the bills that Soo Young promised to help for passing. Just then her aunt calls her saying the guy she had set blind date with wants to meet her again.  But Min Young denies the offer saying that she has no desire to meet him.  Her aunt gets tempestuous and says that she told her she wanted to sleep with a man. Trying to make it brief Min Young denies it and says it only when she is in periods and while she is ovulating. Kim Soo Young hears it all. Embarrassed Min Young asks him why he is eavesdropping. He tells unlike her his ears are sensitive.  She tells him not to misunderstand anything . He says he is fine until and unless that man she is dreaming about isn’t him.  He asks her not to sneak peeks at his photograph to avoid any unthinkable event from happening. He asks her did she take a look at them. When she doesn’t reply he gets her that she has already snuck into them.  But she says how many times she looked at it his body wasn’t anything to look at. He asks how many times have she exactly looked at it. There is no point how many times I looked there wasn’t anything to look at. 

Advisor Joon Ha and reporter Hee Sun are talking about the two making a secret deal as they have forgiven each other so easily. The very moment Hee Sun says to Joon Ha I don’t want to run into Min Young. The very moment she is there and says hoping not to run into her in front of her office is a little unrealistic. And you not want to see me because of something wrong that you did. Min Young calls out advisor Song and leaves with him. Advisor Song reminds her nothing good comes from making enemies with a reporter, right?

At home Bo Ri is willing to take English lessons when she is already taking piano, swimming and math classes. Min Young is worried about the kinds of competitiveness developing at this young age. But Bo Ri says she doesn’t like falling behind others.  She asks Bo Ri to give her a hug. She tells her she is just hugging her so that her feelings don’t get hurt. She tells that she needs to find a boyfriend soon, as she can’t realistically be the one to keep hugging her forever.  

Here Soo Young was thinking about what he earlier heard Min Young saying on phone to her aunt. And that suddenly makes him remember the kiss and he rubs his chest.

 Next morning leaders of Soo Young’s party are protesting on street asking GKP to apologize. Soo Young driving in his car stops in front of the protest rally as there was traffic. Moon Bong-Sik notices him and says he should too come and sit there. He negligently asks him why they are all sitting there. Is it too hot inside the parliament? And if that is the case he will make arrangements for the heat to be cut inside the parliament, so that they all can crawl back in.

The bill gets green light in the court. Now minority parties are talking among themselves as to what is to be done regarding this.  Head of the minority party says they will have to come into negotiation with the majority party. Min Young gets furious and walks out. Ko Dong-Sook agrees to attend the meeting on her behalf.

Now they have chosen a pub as the location for conducting these negotiations. The majority party Is making all kinds of agreements to bring back stability in the parliament. Ko Dong-Sook says just majority party withdrawing first won’t resolve all the wrongdoings of committed by their party.  They all toast for in the name of republic of Korea, and the improvement of its political growth.

People from respective parties call out Min Young and Soo Young telling there is an emergency.  She gets shocked after witnessing what is happening there. She throws away the drink of glass handed over to her and says do you call yourselves patriots? What a bunch of bullshit? You are going to make that word rot right from the dictionary, you assholes.  They ask her has she gone insane. She responds yes, she has, if she doesn’t go insane after seeing a scene like this that would be crazy. Caring for the nation? You people claw each other and blame one another for the country being ruined by the day and drinking up all this expensive stuff by the night is caring for your nation? You are going to go back fighting when the day breaks after all this. You are going to go back to blaming each other. The democracy that she knows is not something done in a dark, drinking smelly room like what they are doing. But it is done outside where the sun is shining, and where you can stand proudly.  It is something that every citizen of this country does together.  That is why citizens say politics and politicians all rip them off and scheme to make their lives hell. Got that?

She runs out and Soo Young follows her. They both stand face to face across the crossing.


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