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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Synopsis of Episode 8:-You're the best Lee Soon Shin

The episode begins with Soon Shin finally accepting to sign the contract. She garners the courage to overcome the initial inhibitions.
She asks Joon Ho what will be the signing bonus. He says it is all about money in the end. Then he asks what was the amount that man had swindled out of you. She replies 10 million. To this he answers that he would pay her 12 million and it would be delivered on montly basis of 2 million for the remaining 6 months. This gives her relief.

She is walking on the road thinking about the contract. She opens it and puts it back again. She first callsChan Woo. He asks her if there is any problem. But she casually denies it. Later on she calls Chan mi to take a look at the contract. She gets excited and tells her to go for it.

At home Yoo Shin is talking to her mother telling her to quit the job. She handles over the passbook, saying use some of the amount to pay the debt. And rest for household purposes. Her mother shuts her out saying this money is intended to be used for her wedding. She insists her to keep it, saying who would collect money for their own suicide.

Meanwhile Soon Shin enters and tells her mother there won't be any need to use the money that Yoo Shin gave. As her boss at work have made her permanent employee and given her a year's wages in advance. Hearing this her mother breathes in relief.

Later on at night while Soon Shin enters in her sister's room to sleep, she sees her phone ringing. She lifts it and sees Chan Woo calling. Yoo Shin gets up andremoves the battery. Late at night she finds herself unable to fall asleep. She picks up her phone places the battery and calls Chan Woo. He tells her to meet up. Finally when they meet, she tells him that night was a mistake. He says that lets date. She says not to pity her by taking reponsibility.
And anyways it was me who seduced you. You are the victim here.

Soon Shin's mother goes to  her place of work to thank her boss for the kind gesture. She tries to make her go away, but doesn't succed. Finally she meets the boss and thanks him. At first he doesn't have a clue as to what is going on. But catches up later. And saves Soon Shin from a difficult situation. Later on when her mother goes she explains him everything. He said he was sorry to hear her father's demise. He lends a helping hand saying if she needs any help she can come anytime.

Joon Ho has talked to his team of experts as to what all can they do to turn Soon Shin into star in 6 months. But everyone had negative reviews on her. One even suggests that plastic surgery too can't work wonders on her. Agitated by all these Joon Ho says this isn't what he expect from them. As they themselves were'nt a success initially. Meanwhile he gets a call from Choi Yeon-ah who says that she recognizes Soon Shin from last time. She wishes him luck and says she is looking forward to sign the contract with his company.

Chan Woo attends the get together that the hospital staff has at a pub. Shin Yi-jung too comes there and she gets into trouble as her card doesn't work. Instead Chan Woo pays for her. And says in future she shouldn't live like that.

Soon Shin's mother developes curiosity regarding who is Soon Shin's real mother. She matches up the shawl that she was drapped in to the old photo of her husband. They were the same. She gets a doubt regarding whether Soon Shin in real is her husband's daughter.

Joon Ho gives a diet chart to Soon Shin to follow. But she urges to eat toast which Joon Ho sees and takes away. He instructs her to work out every morning an hour before work. And because he doesn't believe her even tells her to send pics of the gym in full without fail after every workout.

The episode was fun, plus it started connecting the strings between two mother.

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