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Monday, 29 April 2013

Best Kissing scenes in Kdramas:- Part 1

1. Lie To Me:- Cola Kiss

This one is my personal favourite. The serial although had a loose plotting, but it still managed to steal my heart.
This "Cola Kiss" had a perfect setting with viewers having no clue that this scene was about to happen. Which indeed made it even more fascinating.
When Kang Ji-Hwan (Hyun Ki-Joon) notices that Yoon Eun-Hye(Kong Ah-Jung) is all smiles because this was supposed to be her second kiss, she grabs him again and it continues. At the end she says it tasted sweet. How couldn't it when they have sprayed over each other with the whole bottle of Cola.
The kiss was intense and what made it even more seraphic was it finally brought down the walls that the leads were holding.

 Watch it here:-
Lie To Me:- Cola Kiss

2. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop:- Movie Kiss

Jung Il-Woo (Cha Chi-Soo) is head over heels in love with Lee Chung-Ah(Yang Eun-Bi) , who initially refuses to respond to the advancements made by him.
This all starts changing after the "Movie Kiss". In this scene Jung Il-Woo hastes off to the movie theatre when he comes to know that Lee Chung-Ah is on a movie date with Lee Ki-Woo.
He forces her out of the theatre and kisses her. Agitated Lee Chung-Ah says does he think this act of his will make her fall for him. He is smart, he says I have just started and now once it starts it is worth the goosebumps you get.

Watch it here:-

3. Coffee Prince

You would find this one among most of the lists that have been compiled till now.
And the question is why is it so????
The reason is pretty simple, it was selfless love that (Gong Yoo) Choi Han-Gyul  had for ( Yoon Eun-Hye) 
 Ko Eun-Chan. When he was unsure as to why he was getting attracted to Ko Eun Chan as it was actually a she who was cross dressing as a he. But the twist is Han Gyul didn't know yet. And despite all this he told Eun Chan that whether he be a guy or an alien he doesn't care, and he loves him inspite all this. 

Watch the collection of Coffee Prince Kisses:-

4. Goong

Till now you might think I'm obsessed with Yoon Eun-Hye , if I say NO then that would be wrong as a matter of fact I am. But all Kdrama fans who have watched her dramas will agree that she surely knows how to kiss. In fact after her latest drama "I Miss You" she has created a wave "Pink Syndrome". Which basically refers to the pink lipstick she had adorned for the drama.

Every man wants that the women he loves should support him the most in times of need. Shin Chae-Kyung
(Yoon Eun-Hye) is one such life partner who goes through all the struggles to stand by Lee Shin(Joo Ji-Hoon) when he is encompassed with all kind of acquisitions.
In between these problems he finds that she is the happiness he has to live for he shares this moment with her.

Watch it here:-

5. Playful Kiss:- Rain Kiss

Kim Hyun-Joong (Baek Seung-Jo) being an arrogant and cold guy never tried showing his love for  Jung So-Min (Oh Ha-Ni). It was peak time when all the viewers were expecting him to do something about his stubbornness, as Oh Ha Ni eventually decided to marry Lee Tae-Seong (Bong Joon-Gu). 
And our wishes were granted when this "Rain Kiss" happend. Finally he confessed his love for Oh Ha Ni saying how could she marry Bong Joon Gu when she didn't even love him. She replies does that even make a difference as you know I Love You, but you don't seem to care so...................
The sentence goes unfinished and you know why SO?????

Watch it by clicking on the link:-

These Kdramas and many more have always swept us by our feet with the kind of romantic scenes they offer. They are portrayed  with innocence and upsurge of emotion that you want to see again and again. We save them on our desktops, Smart phones, ipods....
Just to see them once more, but this is never the deal once you watch them you want to relive them again. The other times you do know what is coming next, what they are about to say and how is it gone happen. Inspite of all this you do enjoy them with the same fervor that you had the first time.
These all are small things which when combined makes us yearn for even more of these.

So dedicate your favourite scenes to the ones you love.   
MONTAGE :- Korean Movie to be released this May

Plot of the movie revolves around three people who are connected to each other in a very unusual manner. And what connects them is the kidnapping of children.

15 years ago, a kidnapper disappears without a trace. Now, five days before the statue of limitations ends for that case, someone leaves a flower at the scene of crime. Several days later, another kidnapping takes place using the same method of operation.

Three people now face a decisive moment: a grandfather (Song Young Chang) who lost his granddaughter right in front of him, a mother (Uhm Jung hwa) who tries to find the kidnapper of her daughter from 15 years earlier and a detective (Kim Sang kyung) who tries to solve the long unsolved case.

So the trailer of the movie shows Uhm Jung Hwa raging at Kim Sang Kyung who being the detective for the case of her daughter's kidnapping could do anything about even after promising her that he will give her justice. He is determined to find that person so he goes back to the scene to find some one has left flower at the crime scene. He calls her up and asks if anyone knows this place. She says no one except and it is given that we don't get to know the name.
The scene shifts and we have the grand father getting a call at the swing from where his grand daughter was kidnapped.
Even the mother gets a call to leave a bag at a spot.
So we have the kidnapper returning after 15 years. And the revenge and agony that has build up in these three lead them to stop this man from any future mishaps.

It will be released on May 16, 2013 and is a two hour movie.

These are the stills released from the movie:-

The trailer:-
Montage:- Movie trailer 

Via AsianWiki

Sunday, 28 April 2013

All About My Romance:- Episode 8, Preview 

Kim Soo Young :- Why were you too eager?(At the library playing hide and seek with No Min Young amidst the books. When No Min Young is looking at him and smiling, he is keeping back the books. So as to not get a glance of Min Young.)

No Min Young:- When have I ever taken you lightly? Kim So Young.(while at a legislative meeting.)

Kim Soo Young:- I always as a second thought to you. All I do is hang on to you. It makes me look like a fool. ( He has a haircut in this part, personally I like him more with short hair.)

Minority Party Leader:- I am telling you to quit your party and come join mine instead.(At this point Soo Young is having dinner with him.)

Majority Party Leader:- Stealing people from others isn't that the most fun in this world.(So now Soo Young is having a different grooming lunch with him.)

Kim Soo Young:- So you were wrong that day.(Talking to Min Young while she is dragging him to a meeting board room)

No Min Young:- Yes!!

Kim Soo Young:- Then just accept it, and let's date.

No Min Young:- Yes, wait. What?????

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

All About My Romance:- Episode 6, Full Recap

Episode starts with No Min Young being all agitated with Kim Soo Young. And the reason is she feels he is  trying to provoke her even when she isn’t doing anything. But after asking this query she retreats as she herself knew very well what was going inside his head. He catches her words on this telling that he knows very well too why is she behaving this way. These words make her even more curious. He continues saying that she is acting the same way he did. So he concludes it to her this means that she has started thinking about him. NOOOO!!!!!

Yes, he adds futher saying this means she has started liking him. Same here Kim Soo Young we are too feeling the same. Rather we want things to turn this way.

So coming back, No Min Young hits her head to the water pipe when Kim Soo Young leans towards her asking is she fine. This very sentence from him makes me to like him even more. His words sound so sincere that it may take No Min Young a while to realize what she feels, but not for me.  He holds her head and says what an idiotic move was that, we need to make sure you haven’t poked a hole into your head. When he tries to take a look again at her head, she puts forward her fist in such a manner as she is about to fight him. He laughs out seeing what position she has held. She isn’t happy at all seeing him smile and says she doesn’t like him at all and he shouldn’t think of her with any kind of fantasy. To this Kim Soo Young replies saying it is a democratic nation and she can’t stop making him think whatever he wants to imagine.

Now they start to make fun of each other based on the parties they belong too. He tells her being a liberal she should be open minded and open her heart to him. But she tells him she is never going to do that and specially for him her doors are closed. He is laughing again saying that he was even worse at accepting this fact that he liked No Min Young such that seeing her as a woman made him think that he has gone nuts. Or whether it is the side effects from the fire extinguisher incident. Moreover he started questioning his sense of basic existance.  Exactly we know he has gone through that.
He tells her he is giving her time to think and consider the proposal and eventually accept it. He seems so confident saying this.

But it doesn’t stay this long as she comes back and asks why is he joking around. He tells her does a person quiver with nervousness when he is joking around. What makes the situation worse is No Min Young telling him that she has to come to hate him through this laughable confession of his. She even tells him that if the world where to be his, she couldn’t havwe her as his woman. Kim Soo Young still couldn’t believe what he heard so he asks back is that how she really feels. She affirms him and leaves.

He falls back to the wall and is still thinking what she had just said. I felt so sad thinking that No Min young has left him speechless. Neverthless she comes back explaining to herself that she is just going back to take back the potatoes and onions. OH!!!!! No Min Young we know you too are having the withdrawal syndrome.  But when she is back he is gone. This makes her fall back to the wall. These all small things show how alike and fit these two are for each other.

Moving on,  we have adviser  Song having discussion on legal provision for sexual assaults. She just cuts it off short saying that she wants all evil and demonic rapists and sexual predators , she wants each one of them to rot away in the prison.  Just the enters on of the workers of Min Young telling that she is all over twitter. Alas!! Both Ko Dong-Sook and Joon Ha look up; Ko Dong-Sook is worried about what she has done now. He tells her she was hit by an egg; he corrects it saying no Kim Soo Young was hit by an egg. 

Scene shifts we have Kim Soo Young’s adviser trying to divert No Min Young’s adviser’s attention.  Just them their phones vibrate and the news spreads like wild fire.

There reporter Ahn is talking to herself seeing this news that she knows she is a reporter, but these news are so lazily written. Seriously reporter Ahn you aren’t the one who should be saying this. She sees Kim Soo Young in a taxi tries to follow him but is left behind.
Now as they have arrived at the parliament, the driver tries waking up Kim Soo Young. When he finally wakes up after repeated calling he hands over the money. The driver says I don’t know whether it is right or not to get money from him. He adds it is an honor to give ride to high ranking official. But he questions him why is it an honor. 

Now this is interesting part, he asks the driver doesn’t he get angry when he goes to a restaurant the food is horrible and the service is crap. Driver replies yes he does as he is paying for the food. Soo Young tells him that he gets paid by his tax dollars; though it doesn’t look like that you pay all that much taxes. He says anyways customers are kings to business men and citizens to politicians; this is what some woman has told me. Any guesses for that, we know right it is none other than No Min Young. Here comes typical Soo Young who says although that isn’t of much help. He gives him a snippet that from now on he needs to be assertive and say what is on his mind. Hearing this makes driver ask for the issues that he has collected up in his mind. Soo Young tells him that this is a good attitude, but he is not the right person to ask and he points out to Moon Bong-Sik. He even tells the driver that he can even throw the eggs at him. When he asks is that allowed. He says off course.

Now reporter Ahn is running in front of Soo Young wishing him to call her name and apologize. She tries in a way that both of them get into the same lift and when this happens he tells her that the lift is authorized only for legislative personnel.  He remembers the last time reporter Ahn cried out. So he tells her that he will have dinner and coffee with her. But this shouldn’t lead her to any kind of misunderstanding.

He comes back to his office sits back thinking does No Min Young really hate him?
Joon Ha comes to No Min Young’s house worried where she had been when all these news where circulating about her. She is muttering about her lost potatoes and onion. Min Young is same as Soo Young thinking about all petty things when they are entangled into making an important life decision.  Joon Ho checks Min Young’s body temperature as she looked so pale. He tells her to take rest till she is all fine. She tells him that he is like a ghost to know that she had a fever when she herself didn’t realize. 

Kim Soo Young texts Min Young to collect her onions and potatoes; as he has left them outside at the gate.  She goes out to get them just then it all drops and when she gets up she sees Soo young is there. He asks her is she sick. She tells him not to worry about her. He questions her that it is him who got dumped then why is she the one getting all sick. He tells her to not feel guilty and sleep. She asks him has she committed a crime. He tells her that she told him not to show his face, when this is practically impossible as he isn’t going to resign. But if this has to become feasible he will have to quit. She agrees with him. He tells her not to feel guilty and go sleep with legs sprawled up.

The next day we have adviser Joon Ha and Min young and her lady adviser, Soo Young and his advisers in the same lift. Joon Ha helps correcting Min Young’s collar. Soo Young is annoyed by this. After they get out of the lift Soo Young’s adviser asks him is he giving up so easily. But he explains he is instead planning to stall some time. Adviser Maeng tells him love is like politics, one needs planning.

Now Joon Ha calls up Soo Young to remind him again about the warning that he gave him last time.
At the lift side adviser Maeng runs up and chats with adviser Sang Soo who has no clue as to what is going on. But they pretend that Kim Soo Young is having hard time eating. At canteen adviser Maeng makes Soo Young to fight for his chop sticks such that it appears to No Min Young it is all about the problem he was talking about near the lift.

Worried Min Young messages Soo Young concerned that whether he has eaten or not. But the message that reaches him is EAT???? He wonders what is it about and calls Min Young. He asks her to eat with him. Finally they reach a place, which Soo Young doesn’t like at all as the meat that is delivered is burnt. He is angry on her, but she tells him this is the only place where the owner doesn’t watch TV. That is expected of Min Young as everybody who watches TV curses her.

At this eating place they are having a kind of competition as who can fill more of food in opponent’s mouth. This scene is lovely as both of them are happy feeding each other.

Here reporter Ahn is depressed and drinking at a pub. She reaches Joon Ha’s home. It is then we know that the previous guy she loved and talked about was him. She sleeps off there. 

There Min Young is getting strange dreams of her kissing Soo Young after ripping off his shirt. Next morning Soo Young sees Min Young’s aunt and remembers what she had said in an interview about the guy she likes should win over all three hearts of the women in her house. So he praises her beauty and helps her to get the spring water to her house. Just then she offers him to come inside and have a glass of water. Min Young wakes up from sleep murmuring about her dream just then she is all surprised to see Soo Young there. She and her aunt fight over this just then he leaves.

Joon ha arrives with food for reporter Ahn, Min young sees it and leaves. On the way she is thinking about him as he was her first love.
At the parliament house Soo Young’s adviser sees him glaring at Ko Dong-Sook  as Min Young was leaning down which adviser couldn’t see.

In the end information about Moon Bong-Sik stealing Min Young’s part of bill is spread. And the whole house is in uproar. Soo Young is concerned for Min Young so he takes her to the roof top ans asks her she needs to be angry on this issue as it is her bill that is stolen. She tells him it’s his entire fault as her head is exploding with his thoughts all round. Just then he grabs her and we have our serials first kiss.


This episode had Soo Young opening up to Min Young with his confession and the love in the end being felt by Min young too. In between the journey Soo Young was trying to live upto Min Young’s ideal guy expectations by helping her aunt. Hee Sun’s first love getting revealed as Joon Ha.  With all this bickering between Soo Young and Min Young we will finally have the love part of the serial turned on.

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Jung Yong Hwa not to appear in drama :- " Heirs" 


CNBLUE’s Yonghwa turns down role for upcoming drama, ‘Heirs’

Although it was reported that CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa had been confirmed for upcoming SBS drama, ‘Heirs‘, it turns out the idol actor has had a change of heart, as he has turned down the lucrative role.

“Yonghwa has decided to turn down his impending role on the new SBS drama, ‘Heirs’,” FNC Entertainment said. The reason? “The agency and the production company couldn’t reach an agreement regarding the character Yonghwa would play,” they said. The production company respected Yonghwa’s decision and the plan for his appearance was mutually dissolved.

If it all had went on as previously planned, Yonghwa would have starred alongside Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, the latter whom he had already collaborated with on You’re Beautiful‘ and ‘Heartstrings‘.

With the drama plans scuppered, Yonghwa plans to focus on his music, his agency revealed. “Currently, he is putting his attention towards his world tour and CNBLUE’s upcoming album, scheduled for the second half of this year,” they said. “Also, he has received offers from many productions, so he should be visiting you with good acting soon.”

I know what all you fans must have been thinking. It was already a dream pairing of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. But to add to this excitement we had our own loved couples Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye together again. So now it is yet to be seen who will be filling up this place, which was already filled with great expectations. 

It is left to see will the next star be able to compete with the already set apprehensions.

Source: TV Daily via Nate, Donga Ilbo

Thursday, 25 April 2013

 When a Man Loves:- Episode 8, Preview

Han Tae Sang:- You have something to say Mr. Lee?(while they were in a meeting where Seo Mi Do was giving the presentation.)

Lee Jae Hee:- No Why?(He is rigorously looking at Han Tae Sang's couple ring and glaring back and forth and Seo Mi Do and Han Tae Sang.)

Han Tae Sang:- You look like you wanted to say something.(while smiling at Seo Mi Do, who is smiling back to him.)

Lee Jae Hee:- I wanted to tell something to you.(He calls Seo Mi Do at the roof top)

Baek Sung Joo:- How is director Lee Jae Hee? He seems to care about you a lot.(talking to Seo Mi Do)

Then a scene is shown where planning department has a party. Where Jae Hee and Mi Do seem to have fun.)

At the party one of the members of planning committee says she likes Seo Mi Do.

Lee Jae Hee adds to it saying he does too.

Seo Mi Do and Han Tae Sang are enjoying cherry blossom when
Han Tae Sang:- I think I became stupid. I don't need to eat or sleep. I'm full of energy.
I'm happy that you're with me.(he is making all the flowers fall on her.)

Han Tae Sang and Lee Jae Hee are at a site visit.

Han Tae Sang:- I'm going to propose to my girlfriend.

Lee Jae Hee:-You're going to propose?

Han Tae Sang:- Is there a problem?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

[뮤직비디오메이킹] 악동뮤지션 'I Love You' 촬영 현장

Actor Lee Hyun Woo in "I Love You" OST for All About My Romance

The actor Lee Hyun Woo was cast as the main character for Akdong Musician’s  upcoming “I Love You” music video.

You might remember him from "To The Beautiful You" he played the role of Cha Eun-gyul who was the second male lead.

The brother-sister duo that won SBSK-Pop Star Season 2”.
Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun are the two member team of Akdong Musician.

“I Love You” is the  OST  that will be included in  the SBS Wed-Thur drama “All About My Romance.” 

In the music video, Lee Hyun Woo will portray a character that is in a relationship with Akdong Musician member Lee Soo Hyun.
Further it shows Lee Hyun Woo sharing cookies with Lee Soo Hyun. And her brother Lee Chan Hyuk closely observing the progress between the two.
So it will be something like where sister is falling for a guy whom her brother resists at first, but when he realizes after a thorough observation that the guy isn't that bad it will be okay from his side too.

Lee Soo Hyun previously chose Lee Hyun Woo as her favorite star, and the staff asked the actor to appear in the music video, which Lee Hyun Woo easily agreed to. Great this is what we call wish granted as it came from heart.

The music video will be revealed in early May through SBS.

Meanwhile, "I Love You" has been topping charts on various music sites, once again demonstrating the genius siblings′ popularity.

Way to go Akdong Musicians.

Here the has been shared which is a sneak peak into the music video that will be released.

I have added the song in the audio player of the blog, the one you are listening to.

Here is the youtube link for the song.
"I Love You":- All About My Romance OST

 Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee dating rumours confirmed.

After the buzz of their latest drama and movie these two stars have the time to stir through their romance.

The couple we are talking about here are Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee.
They have recently completed their respective drama :- That Winter The Wind Blows for Zo In Sung and Temtation of Love of Kim Min Hee.
Both the serial and movie had done well in their ratings and earnings. 

After Lee Chung Ah and Lee Ki Woo we have these two power couples stealing the limelight.
Jo In Sung’s management agency has confirmed on April 24th theearlier reports that he was currently dating actress Kim Min Hee.

The agency stated, “We have checked with Jo In Sung, and he has confirmed that he is currently dating Kim Min Hee. He had met with Kim Min Hee by chance earlier this year, and kept in contact since. They started to develop feelings for each other naturally, and begun dating.”
It also expressed, “They have only just started dating each other, so we hope that everyone will look on them normally. We are truly sorry to have this revealed through the media first instead of the couple themselves.”

A Korean tabloid had published a report earlier today that Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee had been dating for the past 4 months, and also included pictures of them on a date.

The following is the official press release:

Hello everyone. This is Jo In Sung’s management agency.
We have checked with Jo In Sung and he has acknowledged that he is dating Kim Min Hee. The two met by chance earlier this year, and kept in contact naturally since. They began to have feelings for each other recently, and decided to begin a relationship.
The two are only just in the beginning phase of their relationship, so we hope that everyone will look upon them normally. We are truly sorry that we weren’t able to release this news publicly ourselves.

What these two newly announced couple share is that they are both at their early stages of budding love. What left to see is how long these journeys last????

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

You're the best Lee Soon Shin:- Episode 13, Full Recap

We have Shin Joon Ho trying the methods suggested by his assistant, Soon Shin’s mother trying to find greater meaning of life, Soon Shin struggling between pursuing her acting and mother’s will, grandma feeling that she is an old bag who is of no use and Hye Shin holding up the family in times of need.
In short we had an episode where everyone was trying to play their role despite the day to day struggles that they have to go through.

Episode starts with Soon Shin getting dumbstruck on seeing her mother outside Mi Ryung’s home when she was about to receive the door. But she is saved this time as the manager shows up the door. First he tries to send off Soon Shin’s mother thinking she has mistaken the house. But when he finds that she crazily wants to see Mi Ryung without telling him the reason. He wards her off, thinking that this woman has lost her cool. Here Mi Ryung is worried about why Soon Shin is standing amazed and not speaking a word. Even the manger asks her the same thing. He also tells Mi Ryung that there was a strange woman at the door. Soon Shin knowing that it was her mom rushes out in hurry telling that she would have wine some other time. Mi Ryung tries calling her out, but she is already gone.

She is running on the road trying to catch up with her mother. When she finally finds her, she asks her what she is doing outside. Her mother replies that she had come outside for some fresh air. She in turn asks Soon Shin is she coming from work. Hesitantly she says yes. They both reach home and Soon Shin’s mother without replying to any calls just hastens to her room and starts taking out clothes one by one. The very moment she decides what to wear she tries to deck up a little in a bid to meet Mi Ryung. This is all changed when she sees Mi Ryung coming out of her car. What exactly happened here we do come to know when she goes to see Gil Ja Chan Woo’s mom. She tells her to handle over a bottle of soju. At first she is reluctant to give her as she thinks she is asking for it because she is saddened over the truth of her husband having an affair with Mi Ryung. But soon she realizes it’s a different truth that is eating her up. And that was the birth secret of Soon Shin, Mi Ryung being Soon Shin’s real mother. When Gil Ja hears it even she couldn’t believe what she heard. When Soon Shin’s mother tells her that her husband has cheated on her with Mi Ryung and Soon Shin being his child, Gil Ja refuses to agree with her. This was for the first time I had seen Gil Ja actually doing something good rather than giving wind to the fire. Soon Shin’s mother cries out calling herself a stupid who has lived her life for nothing.

Shin Joon Ho asks his secretary to get some ginseng or such gifts that parents would like. Secretary after hearing this gets all excited as this was the advice given by him. When he was about to leave he tells Joon Ho not to forget the part when everything fails he has to bow down on his knees. Joon Ho being himself says this guy can never be serious.
But contrast to this, is what exactly happens. When he reaches Soon Shin’s home he sees her grandmother outside at the garden. He reintroduces and tells her that he is again there to get permission for Soon Shin. Grandma thinks he is asking the permission to date as he wants to marry her. But Joon Ho clarifies he has no intentions on marrying her. This instant Soon Shin’s mother steps out and shuts him off. Hye Shin tries to stop her mother, but fails. Instead Joon Ho gets hit by grandma with her broom.

At home Soon Shin’s mother is getting disinterest in doing her daily chores as she feels that she is failure who has lived for nothing.  She ignores what her mother in law sais about renting the room and even refuses to give her water telling that he should do that herself. Seeing her mother fall out Hye Shin is trying to maintain the peace at house. She is cooking all the meals and taking care of grandma. Grandma tells her that she feels that after her son has passed away her mother is treating her differently. Hye Shin tries to shield her mother saying it’s all due to menopause issues. Grandma refuses to eat the lunch and tells Hye Shin that she is going out to finally rent that room.

She goes to the bakery asking Mr. Baker to rent the room. As she finds him honest and good in nature, such that she would feel at ease at night. Our Mr. Baker isn’t that stupid as he shows he intelligently asks her about Hye Shin having a husband or not. She tells him he is in Hong Kong for an year till then Hye Shin will live there. He agrees on renting it.

Joon Ho is all angry over Mi Ryung’s manager as according to him he has filled those slots for movies which are being directed by famous directors. Trying to change the subject manager tells that it is because of him this is happening. Unable to understand this he asks why so. Manager tells him that Mi Ryung has her time booked for taking classes for Soon Shin and his sister. He also reveals that Mi Ryung is just using Soon Shin to make Yi Jung to quit acting.

This leads to Joon Ho remembering what his mother said about his father being a changed man and even tells him that at dinner he was behaving nicely towards Mi Ryung. He connected the dots and was furious over realizing the truth.

He goes to his father angry over what he has done. Same time Chan Woo was there discussing about some seminar. Joon Ho gets angry when is father says that Chan Woo is good looking and tall unlike him. He says that father you don’t know a thing my kind of face is the latest trend. He keeps on looking Chan Woo from top to down. And its funny how Joon Ho broadens his chest and walks away. Chan Woo asks his assistant nurse who is he. She tells him he is the son of president.

Then the next day he goes and asks Soon Shin why is her face so filled up with worries and is it because of her mother. She affirms it saying that her mother is going through a lot. She apologizes to him for being harshly treated by her mother. He tells her to quit Mi Ryung’s class and to take it from other instructor. But she refuses to do so. Finally he just gives her a tip that “Too much praise can act like poison.”

Their Yoo Shin is on shuffle remembering the Kiss she shared with Chan Woo. Trying to erase all that is running in her head she goes for climbing. But she hears Chan Woo’s voice there too, which makes her think that she has gone mad. But soon she finds Chan Woo is really there. She asks him why he is there. He tells her she called up her office to know that she was here. He is all ready to climb up. She mocks him saying that what all he must have done in military is medical practices only. Instead she is all shocked when she finds him climbing that too faster than she could imagine. What hits her hard is the fact that girls sitting down are shouting at Chan Woo what a guy he is. He follows Yoo Shin to lunch and asks her for a movie. She questions him what kind of relation do the two shares. When he tells her didn’t he clarify last time? She says oh!! We are friends. What I loved was this time he doesn’t fight it. He just gives in.

Mi Ryung tells Choi Yeon-ah about the fact that Soon Shin too felt that the end of the movie in which Mi Ryung had acted earlier should have had a laughing scene instead of crying. Hearing that Soon Shin is smart Choi Yeon-ah doesn’t like, but suppresses the disagreement.  Choi Yeon-ah asks Mi Ryung to leave her till outside. She is angered on seeing that after seeing her off Mi Ryung is rushing up the stairs to chat again with Soon Shin. She even rejects Choi Yeon-ah’s offer for a fashion show for taking the class.  Shin Yi-jung messages Mi Ryung she wouldn’t be able to come to class as she is sick.

Taking this opportunity she tells Soon Shin to give a tour of her neighborhood. Soon Shin is very happy on hearing this. They both are taking a walk when Mi Ryung starts coughing. Soon Shin ties a scarf around her neck saying even she has a case of mild bronchitis and this is what her father used to do. This makes Mi Ryung remember Soon Shin’s father who used to do the same for her.

She asks are’nt there any good restaurants. Soon Shin tells her place but thinks she won’t come. But she readily agrees. When they reached the place, Joon  Ho calls up Soon Shin asking where is she. She tells him the location and even that she is with Mi Ryung. He rushes over to the place. He tells Mi Ryung not to play with Soon Shin’s emotions. She tells him out of everyone specially he doesn’t have the right to say so as he is doing this to Soon Shin just to win a bet. But looking over tender hearted Soon Shin she says but he doesn’t need to worry as she surely is going to make her an actress.

Monday, 22 April 2013

 Gu Family Book:- Episode 5, Preview

Dam Yeo-Wool:- Don't worry. I'm here to protect you.

Choi Kang-Chi:- Relax. Its nothing(Replying Yeo Wool)

Choi Kang-Chi:- Little fool just seeing you is enough. You're the best medicine for me in the world.

Park Chung-Jo:- Can I leave you? and still love you?(Hugging Kang Chi)

Dam Yeo-Wool:- Impossible Seungi is a murderer? (Talking to Gon)

Gon:- Why do you care?

Dam Yeo-Wool:- Of course I should right?(Replying to Yeo Wool)

Choi Kang-Chi:- What do you want me to do? I'll do as you say so just tell me.

Dam Yeo-Wool calls out Choe Kang Chi. Seeing him being hit by Jo Gwan-woong's men.

Choi Kang-Chi:-What do you want me to do?

A peach tree under the crescent moon.When you meet him there run away.

Dam Yeo-Wool:- He's...

Monk Sojung:- Do you know him?

Dam Yeo-Wool:-So it was he?(Remembering him from his childhood.)

Choi Kang-Chi:-Who is she anyway?

Choi Kang-Chi:-Do you know me? Have we ever met before?(He's trying to fight her and Yeo Wool and Kang Chi have an intimate moment.)

Dam Yeo-Wool:- And do you know me have we met before?

Dam Yeo-Wool:-Suppose I didn't avoid it, what then?If I couldn't avoid it?(Wondering About her feelings)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

SNSD Tiffany - One Step (한걸음) - All About My Romance OST 

A beuatiful OST from Tiffany of SNSD. 

These are the english lyrics for the song:-

 Tell me of a love that’s like a dream
You’re feeling it too
I know you had many reasons
why you couldn’t say

It’s alright, love that’s felt for the first time
Won’t be easy for both of us
But they are precious days that we
will go through together

Because I can see you again
Laughter keeps seeping out
We waited for such a long time
We did, you and I

Thank you for helping me find my lost smile
And making my
dull heart feel overwhelmed
again with your warm smile
When I am tired and falling down

Because I can hold you again
Tears keep falling down
I was very lonely but I hope
we can walk together
Step by step

Now that we can be together
Tears keep falling down
This was what we really wanted
We did – let’s be together forever


When a Man Loves:- Episode 7,Preview

Baek Sung introducing a girl to Jae Hee

Han Tae Sang with a mini mouse bow.

Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do at the amusement park.

Baek Sung-Joo:- There is a great guy I know. He did his MBA from America.(While introducing Lee Jae Hee to one of her friends at a cafe.)

Baek Sung Joo:- I wanted you to get a date with him.(This very moment he looks out of cafe glass door to see Seo Mi Do. And Sung Joo is seen giving an overweening smile.)

Koo Yong-Kab(He's the  conman Han Tae Sang's bosses friend.) :- Did you tell your brother you killed a man for  Han Tae Sang?(He is talking to Lee Chang Hee, Jae Hee's brother. Chang Hee is rushing towards him with a baseball bat.)

Lee Chang Hee:-Let's die today.(Holding the bat and face to face with Yong Kab.)

Lee Jae Hee:- He was wearing a couple ring. Do you know who is he dating?

Next still shows Seo Mi Do and Han Tae Sang at an amusement park, having fun time.They are taking rides together.

Lee Jae Hee:- Is it not Beak Sung Joo.(He has a doubt whether the girl who shares the other couple ring is Sung Joo or not.)

Han Tae Sang:- You like teddy bears? Why is it in a man's room?( Talking to Lee Jae Hee while taking a visit of his house. He is referring to the same teddy that he gave to Seo Mi Do.)

Lee Jae Hee:- I stole it. Who has the other ring.(Han Tae Sang is looking at his ring.)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

All About My Romance:-  Episode 6, Preview

No Min Young:- You're a Joke.(Speaking to Kim Soo Young)

Kim Soo Young:-Do you feel this nervous and excited when you joke around like this? (He replies to the above remark.)

Song Joon Ha:-Just give up on your feelings.(Talking to Kim Soo Young. During this scene they all are in lift and Kim Soo Young sees Joon Ha helping out Min Young for adjusting her collar. Seriously!!!!, What he must have felt after seeing this, is the very much cause of his reply that is down.)

Kim Soo Young:- You sure, You're just her adviser?

Song Joon Ha:- If you hurt No Min Young as a person or as a politician, I won't let you get away.

There is a scene where Min Young is ripping off Soo Young's shirt. I wonder what exactly happens. But sadly will have to wait till next Wednesday.

Kim Soo Young:- I am thinking of stopping the way I feel about No Min Young on a personal level.

Maeng Joo-Ho(Kim Soo Young's adviser:-the aged one) :- I am worried he is going to collapse if he keeps going the way he does.(While talking to Kim Sang-Soo,the younger adviser of Kim Soo Young.)

No Min Young overhears the above. And at restaurant Moon Joo Ho is trying to normalise Kim Soo Young.

No Min Young:- It's because the opponent is just absurd.

No Min Young is shown messing around her hair, while Kim Soo Young is at her house.

Ko Dong-Sook(another representative from No Min Young's 2 member party) :- With the expectations of the monsters of GKP , anyone is possible.(She replies to No Min Young's above comment)

There is a bus scene where reporter Ah Hee Sun is trying to kiss Kim Soo Young and he just stares at her.

No Min Young:- Even if the world where to become yours, there will be one person you can't have and that's going to be me.

This above statement she gives at the same spot where episode 5 ends.
The next scene Kim Soo Young trying to move away and No Min Young getting a hold of him.

Kim Soo Young:- I think you're mad at me.

No Min Young:-Just leave me alone. I think my head is going to explode because of you.

These above two dialogues happen at roof top, after which Kim Soo Young makes the move and kisses No Min Young.(Awww!!!!, first kiss)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

When a Man Loves :- Episode 5, Full Recap

(c)FB page, WAML

This episode just took up what all I had earlier posted on the outlook of episode 3-4.  I will try to make the episode brief.  But surely I will highlight those parts which you will feel worth expanding when you read them.

Seo Mi Joon catches his sister being kissed by Lee Jae Hee.  Astonished by this he asks her what is happening. Mi Do shuts him off saying its nothing that he has to be concerned with. He thinks that it is her old boyfriend, so just when he says not to indulge into anything with her past relation Han Tae Sang overhears that. You can see him getting all nervous about what he heard, I find it cute when guys get all worried but never show that. So moving on Mi Do’s mother hands over the strawberries that she had promised earlier she would bring to Tae Sang. Mi Do while giving him the plate full of strawberries handles him the aftershave saying that from now on it is her job to take care of all this for him. He gets all touched by this and brightens up. Mi Do tells him along with that there are masks too in the bag. He’s expressions are like WHAAATTT??? He asks her are those like what girls do apply on their faces. She makes her point that nowadays even a lot of guys do that. She even tells him to click a picture after he applies that. Oh GOD!!! Poor Tae Sang this was his only way to escape and now Mi Do has closed even that door.  He accepts to do that as she says does he like to look older compared to her. This very conversation was lovely.

There were a hell lot of parts that you could have simply guessed and skipped off. But Song Seung Hun’s performance makes it worth a watch and if you are fan you will agree with me.

Lee Jae Hae can’t help but think about Mi Do. He helps her out for the resort project presentation, in return he asks her to buy him a lunch. As promised Mi Do leaves to treat him, she crosses Tae Sang on her way. He asks her where she is going. She tells him she going to have lunch with the friends.
When she reaches she finds that Jae Hee has already packed the lunch as he knew that her lunch time was only 50 minutes. He is a smart guy indeed. Now why did I say that? You will know. She asks him this way how can it be her treat. He tells her she can treat him some other time. But how that make things even for her is her question. She tells him at least he should allow her to pay for it. He tells her either to pay 10 million or nothing. Now while eating he asks her that will she give him a chance to show that he is better than the other guy. But she answers him that he cannot try. Oh!!!!Don’t worry smart Jae Hee has figured out this situation too. Going back he gives over a package to her saying, this belongs to her. First comes out the CD that he had won last time in a competition beating Mi Do and an authentic Stanford t-shirt. There is a note written on it which reads, she can keep the t-shirt if she wants only by returning the CD. See how he has made a way out!!!!!

It’s the day of Lee Chang Hee’s release. Seeing Han Tae Sang has personally come to greet him, Chang Hee feels touched. Now they all head to eat Chang Hee’s favorite soup. Here they all recollect the happy times they had before Chang Hee was imprisoned.

But all isn’t well inside Koo Yong-Kab’s devious head. He heads off to a store, where Chang Hee was buying clothes. He provokes him and as Yong Kab very well knows Chang Hee’s temper from past, he succeeds in doing so. When Chang Hee leaves after hitting him you can see Yong Kab checking if store’s cameras have caught the fight.  As if we don’t know what will happen now. And my dear friends what we think is only that actually happens.

Yong Kab uses this very bit to arrest Chang Hee again on the very day of release. Before police arrives at Tae Sang’s office Sung Joo and Chang Hee got nostalgic recollecting the past. They all plan to have dinner that night celebrating their reunion. But it was this very moment that police arrives. Hate such scenes when police has to make their entry only during such times. This arrest leads to chaos among the staff; they already had the news of Chang Hee being a murderer.  Mi Do enquires what that is all about. But Tae Sang’s mind is already occupied with lot of things, so he coldly tells her it doesn’t concern her.

Sung Joo assures Tae Sang that she will go and talk to Yong Kab. Man I hate him. Try a bit and you will know what happened there. Yong Kab says he would only withdraw his case if Tae Sang apologizes. But this wasn’t all, he asks Sung Joo to kiss him. And he forcibly does that too. Sung Joo cries the whole time. Sung Joo, I dislike her some times, but at times feel sorry for her.

At home Tae Sang is applying the face mask and clicking pictures. Chang Hee catches him and asks he knows it is love what has turned him into this.  Tae Sang requests him not to tell anyone. Chang Hee ridicules him saying that and he calls himself a man.

Moving on the day comes when Sung Joo has to apologize. I never expected it to be simply be about only apology, it was clear that this would be a whole new stunt that Yong Kab will be pulling. And no surprises, he very much does that.  All the men are fighting and even Mi Do enters the fight just to make things worse. When Han Tae Sang hits a man to protect her she remembers the past when Tae Sang did the same and gets traumatized. Amidst all these Yong Kab is making a video of the fight, now we know there will soon come a time when he will trade for this.

Chang Hee is finally home and Jae Hee couldn’t help but cry out. The brotherly love that these two share is lovely.

At home Mi Do is sad from what has happened, but Mi Joon being a nice brother uplifts her spirit.

In the end it is shown that Tae Sang introduces Jae Hee as the head of planning agency, same department Mi Do is in. What else was to be planned in story that we couldn’t guess of. Seriously the writer can do better, as we have a potential cast here, let them not be wasted.