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Monday, 29 April 2013

MONTAGE :- Korean Movie to be released this May

Plot of the movie revolves around three people who are connected to each other in a very unusual manner. And what connects them is the kidnapping of children.

15 years ago, a kidnapper disappears without a trace. Now, five days before the statue of limitations ends for that case, someone leaves a flower at the scene of crime. Several days later, another kidnapping takes place using the same method of operation.

Three people now face a decisive moment: a grandfather (Song Young Chang) who lost his granddaughter right in front of him, a mother (Uhm Jung hwa) who tries to find the kidnapper of her daughter from 15 years earlier and a detective (Kim Sang kyung) who tries to solve the long unsolved case.

So the trailer of the movie shows Uhm Jung Hwa raging at Kim Sang Kyung who being the detective for the case of her daughter's kidnapping could do anything about even after promising her that he will give her justice. He is determined to find that person so he goes back to the scene to find some one has left flower at the crime scene. He calls her up and asks if anyone knows this place. She says no one except and it is given that we don't get to know the name.
The scene shifts and we have the grand father getting a call at the swing from where his grand daughter was kidnapped.
Even the mother gets a call to leave a bag at a spot.
So we have the kidnapper returning after 15 years. And the revenge and agony that has build up in these three lead them to stop this man from any future mishaps.

It will be released on May 16, 2013 and is a two hour movie.

These are the stills released from the movie:-

The trailer:-
Montage:- Movie trailer 

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