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Saturday, 6 April 2013

When A Man Loves:- Episode 1, Full Recap

I am quite certain about the fact that 'When A Man Loves' is one of the most awaited serial of April 2013 line up.

And why wouldn't it be, Song Seung Hun is the one whom we have been loving since the 'Autumn Tale'. I can still picturize the young Song Seung Hun. He has repeatedly proven his mettle.

When A Man Loves as the title suggests is the story of a man and the odd circumstances that makes loving all too complicated.

Opening scene reads 7 years before. Han Tae-sang(Song Seung Hun) is a loan shark who has it written all over his face that he is ignorant and unkind. He loosens up his necktie and breaks off the glass of the store from where they are supposed get back the money that they had laundered. He enters the store along with his men. They all start messing up the place by throwing books all over the place. Yes it is a book store owner who is under the debt. This book store is  round the corner, for the children who have to earn for themselves and depend on government supplies for food.

Book store owner's daughter Seo Mi-do(Shin Se-kyung) is shown collecting rice, where it is distributed according to the house numbers. It's two bags of 10 Kg. Unable to carry both at the same time, she requests that whether she can take one now and will come back to collect the other one later. All ready she was troubled with the load of heavy rice sack, a reporter rushes in to ask her views on the scheme of govenmental supply of rice. She was least bothered about why they wanted her answer. She scorns them off saying can't you see I am a person who is in desparate need of rice, why pester me.

To this reporter keeps on insisting as he wants opinion from youth. She leaves the sack there and runs. Lee Jae-hee(Yeon Woo-jin) follows her holding two sacks of rice. He asks her to stop and get her sacks. He tells her she has a bad temper, but that won't lead to any good. He drops off the rice sack outside her home, and says he had bought a lot off books from there.

You will see only two bits of Yeon Woo-jin this episode. One is what I told. For the second wait.....

As soon as she enters, she encouters the loan sharks. She enquires what is going on? But they leave, again disrupting everything. It was her father's request not to let her daughter worry, so he would prepare the money by tomorrow. Earlier when Mi-do hadn't arrived Tae Sang gave time to repay, only until he finishes up a book that he randomly picked up. When he grants the request of the old man, it is then you realize that he is'nt that cold.
Shin Se-kyung is again sterotyping the role of a girl from unfortunate background. But believe me she does that well. Anyways but I would like to see if she has more to her.

Set aside everything day 2 arrives. When the mob arrives they find that Mi do's father is on a run. Worriedly Lee Chang-Hee (Kim Sung-Oh) calls up Tae Sang. Chang-Hee is the member of the mob working under Tae Sang and he is the one Tae Sang is close to. Hearing this Tae sang rushes to the store. On his way he is informed that his men have  caught Seo Kyung-Wook (Mi Do's father) while he was attempting suicide at Han river.

They drag him to his store and start beating him. The very instant Mi DO arrives from collecting her exam results. In which she has scored distinction. But this happiness was short lived as she had to come home to see her father in that state. Her mother ran outside as soon as she heared those voices, she shields her husband. She asks are they humans or beasts. To this they reply ask your husband why did he collect money from us. Mi Do asks her mother to take him inside and call the police. The mob members tell Mi Do not to indulge in this matter. As it is her father who ows the money. They try to set her aside but she fights them with all her might.

The very moment she starts to single handedly fight against all the mob members, Tae Sang arrives. This reminds him of his old days when he was in the same situation as her. He too himself tried  the same when he was at her place. The mob members were tossing Mi Do while she was trying to hit each of them with her school bag. Ya, good luck with that.

When Chang-Hee was about to hit her on face, Tae Sang held back his hands. And on this Mi DO says she will pay back them by Sunday 3 PM. When he was about to leave he handles over his business card and says the place shouldn't be hard to find. He takes a look at her scorecard and drives away the next moment.

It's Sunday 3.30 PM and Mi Do hasn't arrived yet. Tae Sang hears footsteps at his door. To his despair it was his boss, who had come to enquire that why did Tae Sang made an exception for the book store owner. He was speechless and said that he would take care of the matter at earliest. When boss leaves he calls someone and asks to keep an eye on Tae Sang.

Then at 5 PM Mi Do arrives. He asks her where is the money and that she is two hours late. To this she replies what is the total her father has to pay including the interest for two hours. He tells her the amount. She tells him to buy her with that money and clear all her fathers debts.  You can clearly see on Tae Sang's face that this is not what he had expected. But he takes up the offer and takes her to a hotel.

At the hotel he books a room, but before going there he asks Mi Do what would she like to eat. She replies anything. They are seated and Tae Sang starts eating. But Mi Do hardly eats. Seeing him eat food with utmost relish, she asks when will they go upstairs. He hands her the swipe card and tells her the room no. He tells her either she can wait or can escape from there.

Whe he reaches upstairs he finds Mi Do is waiting in the room. He can sense the fear and uneasiness in her eyes. But instead he asks that it seems she is good in studies. She answers that she is a repeat student. He again questions that what does she dream to be? She mocks him and says his questions are childish. Then all of a sudden Mi Do raises one that does he like living his life this way. He doesn't answer her. He asks her to take the food that she had left and go back to her home. Mi Do was surprised hearing this. She asks what made him change his mind and why is he being kind to her. He says already I was willing to buy you for a very high price. Why bother when he is letting her leave.

She is dumbstruck and sits there for a while and he leaves. He returns back the very next second and asks how many times in her life has she decided to sacrifice herself. She says this was her first time. He tells her even if she is deep inside and surrounded by hardships she shouldn't ever resort to this method.

She returns back home. And her mother and brother are delighted to see all the lavish food. She asks her mom had anyone called regarding the money. She says no, the very moment the phone starts ringing. She asks her mother to pick up. Her mother starts yammering, but the guy on the other end says that they can repay the money without interests and on monthly basis. The whole family is rejoiced hearing this.

The next day they are cleaning the store and arranging everything. Tae Sang just looks for a while and leaves.

It is Tae Sang's boss's birthday. Everyone has gathered around including his beautiful wife Baek Sung-Joo(Chae Jung-Ahn). Sung joo has her eyes glared to Tae Sang as she secretly likes him. Boss is well aware of the this. Everybody is doing some or the other gig for boss. Tae sang's gang member ask him to perfrom but he doesn't. On seeing people hooting for him boss gets agitated and starts opening up his past. He says his mother was flirtatious. Hearing this Tae Sang can't hold in his anger and tells boss not to speak ill when he is around. Hearing Tae Sang raise his voice boss gets angry and shoots him with the beer bottle. But he finally gives up and says he is leaving this line of work. Seeing him leave all his gang members follow him. In the end even Sung Joo leaves.

Boss decides to kill Tae Sang and handles over the ransom to do so.

Lee Jae-Hee  is working at the construction site Chang Hee sees him and runs after him. Getting hold of him he asks that why isn't he studying. So here we discover Chang Hee and Jae Hee are siblings. Jae Hee asks his brother what does he do for living. He says he works at a hospital. Jae Hee tells him that he too would die if anything were to happen to him. As Chang Hee is his only family. Chang Hee tells that  he has set aside money for his abroad education. So Jae Hee needs to study hard.

Chang Hee goes to the book store to hand over money to Mi Do which Tae Sang has given. But he is angry over the fact that because of her Tae Sang has become this way. So he scatters around some books. Mi Do asks him where is Tae Sang.

Mi Do finds that place and says she wants to speak with him. He is taking steam bath. So tries to hide.... You know why. But Mi Do stands still there. He without having an option says she either needs to come in or wait. She goes and waits for him in rehearsal hall. He comes in says not to think of the money  as charity. As he himself once was a topper of his school, but now he doesn't have a chance to go back. Instead he wants Mi Do to fulfill her dreams. He says money shouldn't stop anyone from studying. when he starts moving up the stairs, she shouts at him to stop. But he shuts her out saying can't she see people are practising. And the coy smile that he gives when he turns back, is to die for.

Now Tae Sang is having a great time at night camp. Chang Hee too is there. But he takes off to sleep. Tae Sang gets a call from Sung Joo that some men are after him. And boom they are there. They start chasing Tae Sang down but did they forget he too was one of them. He nails down each of them.

Now he reaches to his boss and tells him to stay away. Then Mi Do is being dragged there by two men. Boss says I know what you have been upto behind my back. He asks him to leave her. But he doesn't instead he asks her to sign on blank paper and later on he would decide the contents. Tae Sang requests him to keep her out of this. But he doesn't listen up. Finally Tae Sang starts fighting them off. He succeds in sending off Mi Do. But destiny had something else written for him. Boss stabs him from behind. And it is just not simple stabbing its ruthless. He starts from top and goes dragging it till Tae Sang falls down. There is blood and blood everywhere. Poor Tae Sang. But we know that hero can't die even if how ruthless and henious it was.

Now after 7 years the screen reads. Tae Sang has a huge house, not house palace. With amazing interior. You can see him exercising. He is all strong built and toned muscles. What to say, just have a look at them.
He is watching news where he is being shown as he has taken over a big financial firm.

The first episode was for showing us the connection. That how were the before and after stands.

But the serial didn't do anything new as every mob story has a past and a future, which would always be linked.

Looking forward for the rest of it.

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