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Monday, 8 April 2013

When a Man Loves:-episode 2,Full Recap

This episode had pace, such that it covered up miles in this very episode.

When you keep on reading you will notice it for yourself.

Episode begins with where we left last time. Han Tae-Sang is all smoking hot. He kills it when he is dressing up, from his grand collection. He turns on the TV to watch himself again. Why? The loan shark is now the CEO of Golden Tree. Golden Tree is a loan lending firm and one of its kind, as it offers very low interest rates. As expected Tae Sang after seeing all the kind of events in his life has build up such a firm.

Now he is in process of expanding his firm. He has already taken over a financial firm. Whole country has eyes glued to this recent development and how it will affect the economy. He is attending a meeting in Hong Kong as his firm is in negotiation with a Chinese industry.

Jae Hee is working as a translator for Tae Sang. And it is shown the guy can speak both Chinese and English with proficiency.
Wow we have skipped the part when half the episode is eaten up showing the guy will go abroad,other fellow characters bidding farewell, some pictures or messages from that country and what not.
Actually I liked what they did, as being kdrama viewers we know how this pattern starts and ends. So no need to waste time extending this part. Good Job!!!

Now Tae Sang and Jae Hee are enjoying themselves at a pub drinking. It is when the question of how Tae Sang was saved last time, when he was brutally stabbed by his boss gets answered.
In this part too they make it cut short and focus on the main reason and not on the wailing part.
Ya that is what we are looking for simple and short flashback.
What happened was Chang Hee being a loyal friend to Tae Sang arrives at the spot. He breaks off his boss's head and rushes Tae Sang to hospital. Koo Yong Kab a friend of boss who was very much present there at that point of time doesn't even move his finger to make an effort to save him.
As it is visible through his expressions, he himself longed for this.

Later on Yong Kab testifies and Chang Hee is sent to jail. He visits Tae Sang at the hospital and tells him about he being arrested in a few days after the trial. Tae Sang tells him he will confess and go instead of him. But Chang Hee refuses saying there are only two people important to him Tae Sang and Jae Hee. He requests him to take care of Jae Hee and help him in every possible way. And without waiting for Tae Sang to respond he leaves.

At Chang Hee's home he is telling Jae Hee that he has got an opportunity in a foreign country. So he will be gone for a period of time. Jae Hee notices blood on his T-shirt from the fight and asks him what is he really doing during that period. To make him stop asking questions any further Chang Hee tells him to stop and believe in his brother. They both start sobbing. The brotherly love that you see at that point is beautiful.

First when the prelude of this drama came up I thought he marries Sung Joo after the death of his boss. But that notion is proved wrong. As he is just being an aide to her until she finds someone she likes. But will she we know the answer:- NOOOO!!!

Now poor but bright girl Mi DO is working at an Italian restaurant as a waiter. With the help of a friend she gets the opportunity to get into a high profile gathering. And the one she has to ask for favour, recognizes her from the Italian restaurant.
She mocks her and questions the organizer on her arrangement for the gathering.
Mi Do's pride is hurt when she is attacked by that girl. She tries to redeem it by telling her the ground truth about her father's fraud case.
As if that was supposed to shake her. Instead she splashes the drink over Mi Do' face. But Mi Do didn't stand static she took the whole bowl of drink and guess what the girl is soaked in drink.
Mi DO is all depressed from this incident and of the fact that she is unable to find a job, even after having a good academic background. She visits her brother at his practise centre. Seeing his sister depressed Mi Joon tries to make her sister lively by making her dance. You can enjoy some JB moves if you are a JB fan.

Sung Joo and Tae Sang have a cold and distant relationship. Although Sung Joo is trying hard to make it work, but Tae Sang not even for once had that kind of feelings for Sung Joo. Sung Joo books dinner for the two and this is for Tae Sang to make up for her birthday.
This is the same Italian restaurant where the heroine works. Tae Sang is shocked at what he is looking. He finally couldn't stand this when the same girl from the gathering incident makes her to bow down on her knees and apologise. When she was about to do that, Tae Sang gets hold of her and drags her outside. Before that he just throws money at the table of this arrogant girl.

He confronts her on what she did with the money that he gave her for college education. She avows that she couldn't use it for education as her pride was too potent to make her use it. But she had to finally use that up to pay hospital bills for her father.
Sung Joo comes up and addresses Tae Sang as honey. Mi Do after hearing this her takes away her hand.

When they are going back, Sung Joo asks him that whether Mi Do is the same girl who is in his heart since past 7 years. His silence affirms that for her.

That again takes back to one more flashback where Sung Joo after being drunk came to Tae Sang's house and wanted him to marry her. But finally they agree upon being friends.

Sung Joo is notified by Yong Kab about the secret money hidden by boss. He takes her to lawyers office. But it was a plan hatched by him to get her to marry him. She rejects the proposal and hearing this he locks her up. But she escapes jumping down the window. Her history is revealed when these two are talking that she used to be very rich. But when her father died her siblings took all her share too.

Tae Sang calls up Italian restaurant for her fathers hospital details. He shifts her father to a personal room. And Mi Do's mom hints her this being the same guy(Tae Sang). She asks her does he see her as a woman?

Mi Do goes to Tae Sang's office with a cake to thank him for what he did. And tells him not to help anymore. Tae Sang says why he shouldn't. She tells him this all makes her feel burdensome. He tells her if that is the case she should pay him back. He tells her to do that while working for him at his company. He calls up the HR and tells him to hire her right away.
Next day she is all professional and ready for work. Tae Sang is all happy watching her work.

There is a scene where Mi Do is getting up all her things and enters into the lift. Seeing her holding so much, Tae Sang lifts some. But she tells him to give back. She says it isn't that heavy. So he just drops off that on the carton she is holding already. And when lift opens he doesn't even stop it for Mi Do to come out. He is again giving a coy smile. Loved It.

Now he asks her to come out for dinner with  him. First she says no but agrees on later. But he actually takes her to the store, as her father is ill. He sets up the whole store. Mi Do gives him food to eat,but its all spicy. To stop her make him eat more he says he just wants to work.

Now comes the interesting part, he asks her that she should live together with him. At first she thinks she heard wrong. But it is confirmed when he repeats the same again.

Great we again didn't have to wait for all stupid things to happen before they two could meet up as a couple.

Looking forward to the story to actually keep going like this.

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