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Thursday, 11 April 2013

You're the best Lee Soon Shin: Episode 9,Full Recap

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The episode starts off with where we left. Soon Shin is still amazed on that she is getting to meet Song Mi-ryung in person and to top it all she is shaking hands with her. Soon Shin thanks her for the last time when she apologised on behalf of Shin Yi-jung for her wrong doing. Mi Ryung is able to recollect her memory. She tells Soon Shin that she is quite a charming lady. Hearing this Soon Shin is so thrilled, she simply couldn't believe what she heard.

WHO would if you were to hear such words from an actress you always admired.

Choi Yeon-ah is all smiles as she always is. I always wonder from where does she gets her smile refilled. As it never even for once stops. She tells Shin Joon-ho that he is trying well to complete his challenge that  Yeon Ah had  given him. Over confident Shin Joon-ho tells her to watch out. Now they all plan to go out for tea. While others have gone inside to change up, Shin Joon-ho tells Soon Shin to exercise and send him clear proof shots.

Soon Shin is fantasising rather than exercising. She is thinking again and again what Mi Ryung had said to her. She even thinks of not washing her hands as she had shook hands with her.

Soon Shin's mother is still thinking about the shawl she saw in the old photograph(the one she discovered while packing her husband's stuff) as this was the very shawl Soon Shin was draped in.
Her head is filled with all kind of strange thoughts.

She is keen to clear her thoughts regarding this issue, so she goes to Park Chan u's father as her husband and he were childhood friends. She questions him showing the photo that does he know the woman in that photo known as Kyung-sook.  At first he acts as if he doesn't know what she is talking about(it is visible on his face that he doesn't want to reveal the truth). But he had to tell her at least the partial story. He told her although that person was his first love they had a brother sister relationship. He added  Kyung-sook was a pitiful girl in their village as was an orphan.

But Soon Shin's mother isn't satisfied with the response. She starts her own small investigation. She calls up the orphanage and sets up a meeting. The woman at the orphanage opens up the old records. She finds her name and tells to take a look, whether this is the same person she is searching for. She nods and says if she can find any further information then it would be very kind of her.

Later on she finds a person who has some information regarding Kyunk sook. At this very time Shin's mother was looking at her husband's photo and wishing heavens please send me a signal that whether what she is thinking is right or not(regarding Shin being her husband's daughter from Kyunk Sook). She boards off a bus to meet this person. It's a small coffee place downtown. The owner was from the same orphanage as Kyunk Sook. She tells Kyunk Sook is married and lives in America. When Shin's mom enquires about she having a child.
But she denies it.

Later it is shown that this coffee shop owner called up Song Mi-ryung's secretary to tell him about what happened. He is angry on her because she didn't verify whether that lady was a reporter or not. He hangs up saying the money would be sent to keep the secret safe.

Soon Shin's mother is suffering from fever. Hye Shin is taking care of her. While Soon Shin wakes up she enquires about her mother's condition she Hye Shin says it going up so she would take her to the doctor.

Yoo shin is working and getting the clothes ready and this is the only thing we see her working on. She makes us wonder that are all the office jobs this simple.
Anyways she gets on the lift, her coworker helps her to get the stuff. This is when it strikes her what exactly had happened that night. She and Chan Woo never slept together. She feels embarrassed, as she had misunderstood. She tries to give Chan Woo a call but he doesn't pick up.
Finally she goes to his hospital. He says he is busy and runs away though she was trying to make an apology.

Seo Jin-wook is remembering Hye Shin's face while she was helping him pick up the fallen breads. At the same time he saw through his glass door that she is walking Han Woo-joo to school. He is peeping through his window to have a closer look. Park Chan Woo sees Hye Shin and Han Woo-joo. He stops to have chat with them. He says Han Woo-joo is all grown up. And she has a big smile on her face, that this kid generally never has. Hye Shin asks Chan Woo she had always wished him and Yoo Shin to be together. He replies noona that is not only up to me. True relationship needs effort from both the parties.

Woo Joo sees Mr. Baker peeping. She goes off to the store telling her mother she wants to buy sweet bread for her grandmother.

At the store she confronts Baker of staring at his mother. He changes the topic and asks is that guy your father. She responds yes. And also adds that he is a doctor. On hearing this he is taken back.

Kim Young-hoon owner of the restaurant where Soon Shin works has arranged a meal for all the workers. They all are excited and take up their seats.  He tells Soon Shin he has specially prepared a low calorie diet for her. Hearing this one of the members from his staff asks is the boss in love with her. Soon Shin intervenes and tells that he is being kind only because he feels obligated to help her as she lacks on many fronts.

When Shin returns home she goes over to her mother to ask her how she is doing. She shouts on her and tells her to go away. But the very moment she apologises saying she is very tired.

Next day Jo In-sung Joon Ho's secretary is presenting his ideas as to how they should launch Soon Shin. Hearing his vague ideas Joon Ho tells him it seems he is getting his salary very easily. In Sung says that he usually like his choice but this time he is disappointed. Joon Ho says he will type him a resignation letter if that is the case.
He tells him that today Soon Shin didn't show up for gym. This makes Joon Ho furious. He calls her up and tells her to meet him at the parking in front of her house.
At that time Soon Shin had decided to take a leave to take care of her mother, but she finally agrees. He tells her they are going hiking so she should come dressed appropriately.

Joon Ho is waiting and she comes dressed in normal clothes. He tells her this very thing tells her attitude about life. She asks him what is wrong with the dress. She adds is it necessary to go for hiking wearing hiking clothes. She narrates a famous saying that people who don't work are the ones who complain. He takes it personally, but Shin tells him it's just a saying. He makes her understand the importance of TPO. Time, Place and Occasion. What you're wearing is equally important as the subject matter. She nods. He tells her today they will be climbing the mountain to know the spirit of joy one gets climbing the mountains.

He tells her to follow him when they finally start hiking.

Guess what Soon Shin was literally jumping on above the path, and Joon Ho was behind her. She tells him if he is tired then they can take a halt. But he bounces back saying if she is speaking for herself she should say so. As he isn't one bit tired. Ya right we believe you(NAAAAA!!!).

He is trying to have some fresh air while they are at halt. But Soon Shin is still full of energy. She is exercising by pushing her back against the tree. He tells her to take care of her image and don't do such acts. She tells him this is the best exercise ahjummas do.
He asks her the meaning of her name. She tells him it means to live with pure heart and bravery. He says nice, but reckons she can't debut with this name. She gets offended and says my father wouldn't like it. He says he will talk to him. She tells him that he is no more. And that is why she wants to be remembered with the name he gave.

Now they are climbing up again. He falls many times while receding up the mountain. Soon Shin helps him to get up and he trips and falls over her. They both exchange awkward glances. But he finally stands up. She asks him if he wants they can stop climbing and go down. Determined Joon Ho tells there is no word like impossible in his dictionary. Soon Shin couldn't believe that and says really your competitiveness is something. She even tells him if they continue at this rate they might have to spend the night there itself.

Somehow they manage to complete their adventure. And he tells her to exercise daily, she asks if they are coming hiking again. Really Soon Shin you think he can. He is astounded  and escapes saying its a one time life experience and she should go home and recollect it.

While they were about to leave she stops staring at a food store and asks Joon Ho shouldn't they eat something. He scolds her that this is what she means by sticking to diet plan and drags her away.(Poor Soon Shin, she hardly has any fat to reduce.)

At Chan U's home his sister was surfing through a magazine, the theme was Mi Ryung's 30th anniversary. So there were an ample amount of photos of her. Chan U's father recognizes her as Kyunk Sook. But to make sure he snatches it and looks. His wife scolds him of being cross eyed and trying to  recover his youthful vigour.

Yoo Shin calls up Park Chan U at the bakery shop. Its the same bakery store, from where Woo Joo brought the bread. He is astonished on seeing Chan U with another women and he was more shocked to hear them talking about a possible one night stand that actually didn't happen. As Mr. Baker thinks he is cheating on Hye Shin. Chan U tells Yoo Shin no need to make any apology as he knows what is in her heart. She get all enraged that why exactly is he behaving like that. He leaves the store but she follows him. He stops and says that it is because he likes her and she thinks of him as a man who is old fashioned and not her type. Not able to respond she stands still.

Shin Yi-jung is not allowed in home due to her recent desire of becoming an actress.
As soon as her father knows she is staying at guest house he finds her and forces her to come back home. Mi Ryung observes them for a while then intervenes. At first he doesn't show interest but later agrees. She gave him a solution saying she will make her to give up on her dream. He takes up the offer as this is what he desires.

Later when Joon Ho gets this news he is aggravated and questions his father as to why did he agree. He tells him that he could never control his kids, so he has finally given up. Joon Ho goes to his sister to ask in detail about the matter. She tells him that Mi Ryung herself had decided to train her.

Hearing this Joon Ho gets an idea of even sending Soon Shin there.

At the restaurant Young Hoon offers Soon Shin a low calorie burger to eat as he feels pitiful towards Soon Shin. When she had just taken her first bite Joon Ho snatches away the burger and again scolds her. He hands over the acting teacher's card and informs her not to be late as this is a rare opportunity.

When he leaves he was walking strangely, Soon Shin couldn't stop but laughs. Boss asks her does she know something. She disagrees and keeps on laughing.

Later after work Soon Shin goes to this very place. And we all know which is this place Mi Ryung's residence. While Soon Shin was waiting and admiring the sofa, Mi Ryung comes and greets her. Neglecting Yi Jung who came at the same time.

So this was another fun episode with Soon Shin finally making some step towards her becoming an actress.

Will she be able to live up with the pressure we will know in coming recaps.

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