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Thursday, 18 April 2013

When a Man Loves :- Episode 5, Full Recap

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This episode just took up what all I had earlier posted on the outlook of episode 3-4.  I will try to make the episode brief.  But surely I will highlight those parts which you will feel worth expanding when you read them.

Seo Mi Joon catches his sister being kissed by Lee Jae Hee.  Astonished by this he asks her what is happening. Mi Do shuts him off saying its nothing that he has to be concerned with. He thinks that it is her old boyfriend, so just when he says not to indulge into anything with her past relation Han Tae Sang overhears that. You can see him getting all nervous about what he heard, I find it cute when guys get all worried but never show that. So moving on Mi Do’s mother hands over the strawberries that she had promised earlier she would bring to Tae Sang. Mi Do while giving him the plate full of strawberries handles him the aftershave saying that from now on it is her job to take care of all this for him. He gets all touched by this and brightens up. Mi Do tells him along with that there are masks too in the bag. He’s expressions are like WHAAATTT??? He asks her are those like what girls do apply on their faces. She makes her point that nowadays even a lot of guys do that. She even tells him to click a picture after he applies that. Oh GOD!!! Poor Tae Sang this was his only way to escape and now Mi Do has closed even that door.  He accepts to do that as she says does he like to look older compared to her. This very conversation was lovely.

There were a hell lot of parts that you could have simply guessed and skipped off. But Song Seung Hun’s performance makes it worth a watch and if you are fan you will agree with me.

Lee Jae Hae can’t help but think about Mi Do. He helps her out for the resort project presentation, in return he asks her to buy him a lunch. As promised Mi Do leaves to treat him, she crosses Tae Sang on her way. He asks her where she is going. She tells him she going to have lunch with the friends.
When she reaches she finds that Jae Hee has already packed the lunch as he knew that her lunch time was only 50 minutes. He is a smart guy indeed. Now why did I say that? You will know. She asks him this way how can it be her treat. He tells her she can treat him some other time. But how that make things even for her is her question. She tells him at least he should allow her to pay for it. He tells her either to pay 10 million or nothing. Now while eating he asks her that will she give him a chance to show that he is better than the other guy. But she answers him that he cannot try. Oh!!!!Don’t worry smart Jae Hee has figured out this situation too. Going back he gives over a package to her saying, this belongs to her. First comes out the CD that he had won last time in a competition beating Mi Do and an authentic Stanford t-shirt. There is a note written on it which reads, she can keep the t-shirt if she wants only by returning the CD. See how he has made a way out!!!!!

It’s the day of Lee Chang Hee’s release. Seeing Han Tae Sang has personally come to greet him, Chang Hee feels touched. Now they all head to eat Chang Hee’s favorite soup. Here they all recollect the happy times they had before Chang Hee was imprisoned.

But all isn’t well inside Koo Yong-Kab’s devious head. He heads off to a store, where Chang Hee was buying clothes. He provokes him and as Yong Kab very well knows Chang Hee’s temper from past, he succeeds in doing so. When Chang Hee leaves after hitting him you can see Yong Kab checking if store’s cameras have caught the fight.  As if we don’t know what will happen now. And my dear friends what we think is only that actually happens.

Yong Kab uses this very bit to arrest Chang Hee again on the very day of release. Before police arrives at Tae Sang’s office Sung Joo and Chang Hee got nostalgic recollecting the past. They all plan to have dinner that night celebrating their reunion. But it was this very moment that police arrives. Hate such scenes when police has to make their entry only during such times. This arrest leads to chaos among the staff; they already had the news of Chang Hee being a murderer.  Mi Do enquires what that is all about. But Tae Sang’s mind is already occupied with lot of things, so he coldly tells her it doesn’t concern her.

Sung Joo assures Tae Sang that she will go and talk to Yong Kab. Man I hate him. Try a bit and you will know what happened there. Yong Kab says he would only withdraw his case if Tae Sang apologizes. But this wasn’t all, he asks Sung Joo to kiss him. And he forcibly does that too. Sung Joo cries the whole time. Sung Joo, I dislike her some times, but at times feel sorry for her.

At home Tae Sang is applying the face mask and clicking pictures. Chang Hee catches him and asks he knows it is love what has turned him into this.  Tae Sang requests him not to tell anyone. Chang Hee ridicules him saying that and he calls himself a man.

Moving on the day comes when Sung Joo has to apologize. I never expected it to be simply be about only apology, it was clear that this would be a whole new stunt that Yong Kab will be pulling. And no surprises, he very much does that.  All the men are fighting and even Mi Do enters the fight just to make things worse. When Han Tae Sang hits a man to protect her she remembers the past when Tae Sang did the same and gets traumatized. Amidst all these Yong Kab is making a video of the fight, now we know there will soon come a time when he will trade for this.

Chang Hee is finally home and Jae Hee couldn’t help but cry out. The brotherly love that these two share is lovely.

At home Mi Do is sad from what has happened, but Mi Joon being a nice brother uplifts her spirit.

In the end it is shown that Tae Sang introduces Jae Hee as the head of planning agency, same department Mi Do is in. What else was to be planned in story that we couldn’t guess of. Seriously the writer can do better, as we have a potential cast here, let them not be wasted.

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