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Monday, 1 April 2013

You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin is riding high on ratings

The serial which is a weekend drama broadcasted on Sundays and Saturdays. It is a family drama, comprising of 50 episodes.
The serial is currently getting highest ratings in the weekend dramas. An average of 25% have been awarded to the TNmS and AGB ratings.

Highest was recorded for the episode where Soon Shin's father dies. The episode had depicted that how someones demise, causes sudden changes in ones life.
There are things to worry, settle down, unplanned and everything starts piling. Soon Shin's debt start messing up with her mother's head. She sets out for a job, undertakes one as a cleaner.
Her elder sister goes to the bakery to collect the cake, which Soon Shin's father had picked up for her. It is when the baker says why didn't your father come. He should respect one's sincerity. At that time when her eldest sister tells that she is sorry, her father died it is so hearfelt . She says I am really sorry that I can't communicate your message.

It is at that point you start feeling the helplessness of the situation.

Finally the cake arrives and Soon Shin  reads the card attached with it. He said in his message that Soon Shin was his best daughter.
He beautifully conveyed that it is ok to be average, it is ok to be ordinary. But all these won't stop her from being loved.

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