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Saturday, 6 April 2013

All About My Romance:- Episode 1, Full Recap

Here we are with one of the awaited drama from comedy genre. The drama has done a splendid job in representing the harsh realities in the world of politics.

Let's talk about what episode 1 has in store for us.

The episode started with Kim Soo-Young(Shin Ha kyun) a conservative party candidate typing his thoughts and views on politics. He types "I knew from the getgo that political arena is a landfill and the politicians are trash, but I had no idea it was trash among trash, at the level of bacteria. As  someone with clear conscience and innocent soul like me , Kim Soo Young cannot possibly keep working in close proximity with these trashy germs anymore".
Listening to his words it surely feels as someone has put up our thoughts about politics into words on screen. There must have been time, instead times when we would have cursed the politics. But the interesting part here is these are the very words spoken by a politician himself.

Scene shifts to a talk show where politicians have been invited to debate on the new economic policy bill. Moon Bong-Sik(Kong Hyung-Jin) another conservativ party candidate from the same party GKP as Soo Young. He questions him which party does he belong to, as he is disagreeing with him. He replies that the policy proposed by their party too doesn't resolve the problem faced by their economy. Bong Sik asks back what is  not going to be resolved? He also adds why Soo Young keeps on setting suicidal goals. Soo Young is stunned at the suicidal goals remark. He says suicidal goals? Are we playing soccer now?
His response has given other party politicians chance to take advantage. Expected as that is what they are best at. They speak out even one of your own admits that there are problems.

Soo Young Jumps back saying that doesn't mean the other parties proposal is perfect, either. He said he would admit that the idea was serious, but there is no realistic way of executing it. Bong Sik emphasises see he said it is unrealistic. All the other leaders question him why he keeps going back and forth. Whom does he actually support? Frustated that nobody is able to get what he means, Soo Young says he wants parties to exchange ideas and not to fight over who's idea should be framed. Another senior leader says fine we will excahnge ideas. But then minority party will demand that majority party gives in. And yet another adds why does he keeps going against the flow. Is he a double agent? Did he join the party under wrong premises.

Just then one of the viewers gets up and asks Soo Young a question. Question was that she being a junior from the same college used think greatly of him. She adds that he had made some progressive sentences while he was a judge. You even earned the nick name 'Gangnam Leftie'. But then why did he join conservatives all of a sudden. She was appalled by his action. She says she knows that this might be sounding rude.

He replies that if she knows she is being rude and still does it then she is definitely rude. And he won't be answering it. She says she has raised a question to someone who doesn't deserve it. Seeing her reply other party personnel is about to answer. Very next moment he says he will answer it.

He says if she is from that college she has to be smart. But being book smart doesn't make you think critically. He says he is in go back and fourth league. He asks her does she have an IQ which is two digits or is she color blind. Is 1 or 2, yes or no, o or x. Is that all she knows about? Is the whole world white or black to her? Is the whole world either left or right? There is up,down, back and forth.
Why the GKP? He answers that by saying what is the difference between the major party and minor party? They are all vulgar, stupid and pathetic alike. Progressive reformers sure do have some redeeming qualities. He adds that this the struggle for power, recognition, the sense of morality that dictates that only they are right. Amidst these they don't realize that they're just grand and awesome in their own bubble.

He says in his eyes they all look like red-eyed demon witches. He asks then are the conservatives of GKP nuts? Ansswering:- they are violent, opportunistic, obstructing legislature. Indulged in all kinds of corruption and cheating. They claim they are working for the public but all they care about is their money. All they do is create factions and argue that they're right.

Wow!!! Simply mind blowing. Not even for a second I framed him for an actor but a politician, not the tainted kind. What he said were all 100% true but now what he is about to say is also true. Let's hear him out.

Who elected these politicians??? That is what Soo Young asks but we all know we have the answer. We the citizens, unless we are not under millitary rule or dictatorship.

He further says you people like to curse the politicians. But you yourself are either black or white, friend or enemy in your heads.

True we do that. He points out something interesting. He says we sholdn't judge someone based on whether they are conservative or progressive. It's the action that should be criticized and not the party someone belongs too. Therefore he is in back and forth league. He even tells them the alternative if at all the criticism doesn't work. That is by punishing him at the next elections.

Does he have a point, yes he has. We ourselves won't elect the same party everytime. As the language of win or loss is the only one they get.

Accuse what is wrong, not what is different from you. Having a different opinion is not something to be ashamed of. What you should be ashamed of is that you don't know how to coexist with people who have different opinions.

It's news reporters everywhere why wouldn't they be when Soo Young has given them such a show. He manages to escape. And Hee-Sun(Han Chae-Ah) is shown running over Soo Young's car but it is when his secretary stops the car Hee Sun enters. They are amazed on seeing her and tell it is not her for whom they have stopped the car. She was an alumni of the same college as Soo Young thus she reminds him of his old days. When he left being a judge he said that he has to clear the pond which is the root cause of all troubles in the country. She asks has he been able to do so. He responds it is too dirty for me to clear.

Hee Sun is head over heels in love with Soo Young.

He manages to send her off. Although she argues him to leave his job and come and live with her. As he knows she is rich, she insists him to do so.

Least bothered by Hee Sun, Soo Young gets a call from  Maeng Joo-Ho who is looking after the netizens for him. And question is why does he need to do so? His job is to filter out the comments that may have been too bad regarding any politician which have been posted online. Young being ignorant of all these says sure you do so. Joo Ho tells him what are all the searches that have been on the top. And top spots were occupied by Soo Young. As he has created waves with his talk show. People have nick named him "Chew-it-all". Pun for "Know-It-all".
The searches that topped were "Chew-it-all" at 5th. Kim Soo Young's "Stupid Public Theory" and Kim Soo Young's breakdown is 1st.

These all were destined to happen. As the event itself had given drumroll to the rest that followed.

No Min-Young(Lee Min jung) a  progressive party leader gets agitated when she sees the video. Because she takes the remarks made against progressive party personally. She is set to teach him a lesson.

The majority party has planned to pass the bill without the notice of others. To make this plan a success they decide to use Soo Young's popularity in media as a deception. They call him and ask him to attend a meeting that is being held. But instead they ward him off into a different room and lock it. The minority parties receive the information about this secret meeting. They gather to break it off. But even they have got the wrong information.

They start banging around the wrong room, this is the same room Soo YOung is in. Unaware of that Min Young with all her might lifts up the fire extinguisher and tada. Lock unlocks and she pounces off the extinguisher at the same time. Hitting Soo Young. He is rushed to the hospital. Min Young is all scared and out of breath. She cools her self off at the terrace. When Song Joon-Ha(Park Hee-Soon) comforts her. You can sense in Min Young's eyes she has a soft corner for him.
She asks him about the situation he tells her it isn't a serious injury. That relives her.

Hee Sun questions that whether Min Young has a conscience or not. Doesn't she resent hitting him. But she tells her was she asleep when during press conference she had already told she wouldn't apologize as what the majority party has done is wrong too. Hee Sun tells her that Soo Young is very serious. Min Young tells her not to distort the news as she does for the conservative party. Hee Sun asks her that it means she is a reader of their newspaper. She replies why wouldn't she be. When their channel had showered her with gifts and flowers. Hee Sun asks what will you do if something serious happens. She tells let it be. But inside Min Young isn't that strong as she seems to be. She still has this running all over her head.

Ko Dae-Ryong(Cheon Ho-Jin) arrives at the hospital he is the leader of GKP. Soo Young asks him what is the reason that he has personally come there. Dae ryong requests him not leave the party. To this he replies why so? As the leader already knows his stand that he isn't in line with their ideologies. To this leader says what he had said in interview wasn't false. Soo Young asks him to stop beating around the bushes and come to the point. He tells him that he knows which profession is similar to theirs. Soo Young replies none, as then there won't be peace on earth. He tells him it's the job of snake oil dealer. It promises that it has cure for everthing. But that isn't true. Even after knowing this people would believe him. Why? Because the urge to believe in something is so strong in human that he will do so. So what politicians do is the same. He says if Soo Young stays in party its win-win. He asks how exactly. He says we would fulfill our personal gains. And you won't look petty leaving the party over being hit by a woman with the fire extinguisher.

Now Soo Young is all furious. To add to all of it Min Young says in an interview that Soo Young claimed to be national champion in kendo. Was it all wrong. She calls to inquire how is Soo Young. But his secretary says he is very ill and even pretends that he is in lot of pain. Hearing this gets scared and rushes off to hospital.

Now he gets an urge to escape for sometime from the hospital as he feels frustrated over there. He takes off his secretary clothes and escapes when the coast is clear.

Now this very moment Soo Young and Min Young cross each other. But Soo Young tries to hide his face. Min young runs after him. But fails to catch him at first. But later on when he is receding down the stairs BAAAMMM she catches him. And confronts him. She asks him to come with her to tell everyone he is fine. But he tries to shoo her off. But Min Young gets hold of his shirt. They both loose the balance. Trying to save herself she pulls up all the shirt buttons. Soo Young in a bid to save her,gets his chest kissed by Min Young.

Ha Ha interestingly Min Young is amazed and startled but Soo Young hasn't realized yet.

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