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Saturday, 27 April 2013

All About My Romance:- Episode 6, Full Recap

Episode starts with No Min Young being all agitated with Kim Soo Young. And the reason is she feels he is  trying to provoke her even when she isn’t doing anything. But after asking this query she retreats as she herself knew very well what was going inside his head. He catches her words on this telling that he knows very well too why is she behaving this way. These words make her even more curious. He continues saying that she is acting the same way he did. So he concludes it to her this means that she has started thinking about him. NOOOO!!!!!

Yes, he adds futher saying this means she has started liking him. Same here Kim Soo Young we are too feeling the same. Rather we want things to turn this way.

So coming back, No Min Young hits her head to the water pipe when Kim Soo Young leans towards her asking is she fine. This very sentence from him makes me to like him even more. His words sound so sincere that it may take No Min Young a while to realize what she feels, but not for me.  He holds her head and says what an idiotic move was that, we need to make sure you haven’t poked a hole into your head. When he tries to take a look again at her head, she puts forward her fist in such a manner as she is about to fight him. He laughs out seeing what position she has held. She isn’t happy at all seeing him smile and says she doesn’t like him at all and he shouldn’t think of her with any kind of fantasy. To this Kim Soo Young replies saying it is a democratic nation and she can’t stop making him think whatever he wants to imagine.

Now they start to make fun of each other based on the parties they belong too. He tells her being a liberal she should be open minded and open her heart to him. But she tells him she is never going to do that and specially for him her doors are closed. He is laughing again saying that he was even worse at accepting this fact that he liked No Min Young such that seeing her as a woman made him think that he has gone nuts. Or whether it is the side effects from the fire extinguisher incident. Moreover he started questioning his sense of basic existance.  Exactly we know he has gone through that.
He tells her he is giving her time to think and consider the proposal and eventually accept it. He seems so confident saying this.

But it doesn’t stay this long as she comes back and asks why is he joking around. He tells her does a person quiver with nervousness when he is joking around. What makes the situation worse is No Min Young telling him that she has to come to hate him through this laughable confession of his. She even tells him that if the world where to be his, she couldn’t havwe her as his woman. Kim Soo Young still couldn’t believe what he heard so he asks back is that how she really feels. She affirms him and leaves.

He falls back to the wall and is still thinking what she had just said. I felt so sad thinking that No Min young has left him speechless. Neverthless she comes back explaining to herself that she is just going back to take back the potatoes and onions. OH!!!!! No Min Young we know you too are having the withdrawal syndrome.  But when she is back he is gone. This makes her fall back to the wall. These all small things show how alike and fit these two are for each other.

Moving on,  we have adviser  Song having discussion on legal provision for sexual assaults. She just cuts it off short saying that she wants all evil and demonic rapists and sexual predators , she wants each one of them to rot away in the prison.  Just the enters on of the workers of Min Young telling that she is all over twitter. Alas!! Both Ko Dong-Sook and Joon Ha look up; Ko Dong-Sook is worried about what she has done now. He tells her she was hit by an egg; he corrects it saying no Kim Soo Young was hit by an egg. 

Scene shifts we have Kim Soo Young’s adviser trying to divert No Min Young’s adviser’s attention.  Just them their phones vibrate and the news spreads like wild fire.

There reporter Ahn is talking to herself seeing this news that she knows she is a reporter, but these news are so lazily written. Seriously reporter Ahn you aren’t the one who should be saying this. She sees Kim Soo Young in a taxi tries to follow him but is left behind.
Now as they have arrived at the parliament, the driver tries waking up Kim Soo Young. When he finally wakes up after repeated calling he hands over the money. The driver says I don’t know whether it is right or not to get money from him. He adds it is an honor to give ride to high ranking official. But he questions him why is it an honor. 

Now this is interesting part, he asks the driver doesn’t he get angry when he goes to a restaurant the food is horrible and the service is crap. Driver replies yes he does as he is paying for the food. Soo Young tells him that he gets paid by his tax dollars; though it doesn’t look like that you pay all that much taxes. He says anyways customers are kings to business men and citizens to politicians; this is what some woman has told me. Any guesses for that, we know right it is none other than No Min Young. Here comes typical Soo Young who says although that isn’t of much help. He gives him a snippet that from now on he needs to be assertive and say what is on his mind. Hearing this makes driver ask for the issues that he has collected up in his mind. Soo Young tells him that this is a good attitude, but he is not the right person to ask and he points out to Moon Bong-Sik. He even tells the driver that he can even throw the eggs at him. When he asks is that allowed. He says off course.

Now reporter Ahn is running in front of Soo Young wishing him to call her name and apologize. She tries in a way that both of them get into the same lift and when this happens he tells her that the lift is authorized only for legislative personnel.  He remembers the last time reporter Ahn cried out. So he tells her that he will have dinner and coffee with her. But this shouldn’t lead her to any kind of misunderstanding.

He comes back to his office sits back thinking does No Min Young really hate him?
Joon Ha comes to No Min Young’s house worried where she had been when all these news where circulating about her. She is muttering about her lost potatoes and onion. Min Young is same as Soo Young thinking about all petty things when they are entangled into making an important life decision.  Joon Ho checks Min Young’s body temperature as she looked so pale. He tells her to take rest till she is all fine. She tells him that he is like a ghost to know that she had a fever when she herself didn’t realize. 

Kim Soo Young texts Min Young to collect her onions and potatoes; as he has left them outside at the gate.  She goes out to get them just then it all drops and when she gets up she sees Soo young is there. He asks her is she sick. She tells him not to worry about her. He questions her that it is him who got dumped then why is she the one getting all sick. He tells her to not feel guilty and sleep. She asks him has she committed a crime. He tells her that she told him not to show his face, when this is practically impossible as he isn’t going to resign. But if this has to become feasible he will have to quit. She agrees with him. He tells her not to feel guilty and go sleep with legs sprawled up.

The next day we have adviser Joon Ha and Min young and her lady adviser, Soo Young and his advisers in the same lift. Joon Ha helps correcting Min Young’s collar. Soo Young is annoyed by this. After they get out of the lift Soo Young’s adviser asks him is he giving up so easily. But he explains he is instead planning to stall some time. Adviser Maeng tells him love is like politics, one needs planning.

Now Joon Ha calls up Soo Young to remind him again about the warning that he gave him last time.
At the lift side adviser Maeng runs up and chats with adviser Sang Soo who has no clue as to what is going on. But they pretend that Kim Soo Young is having hard time eating. At canteen adviser Maeng makes Soo Young to fight for his chop sticks such that it appears to No Min Young it is all about the problem he was talking about near the lift.

Worried Min Young messages Soo Young concerned that whether he has eaten or not. But the message that reaches him is EAT???? He wonders what is it about and calls Min Young. He asks her to eat with him. Finally they reach a place, which Soo Young doesn’t like at all as the meat that is delivered is burnt. He is angry on her, but she tells him this is the only place where the owner doesn’t watch TV. That is expected of Min Young as everybody who watches TV curses her.

At this eating place they are having a kind of competition as who can fill more of food in opponent’s mouth. This scene is lovely as both of them are happy feeding each other.

Here reporter Ahn is depressed and drinking at a pub. She reaches Joon Ha’s home. It is then we know that the previous guy she loved and talked about was him. She sleeps off there. 

There Min Young is getting strange dreams of her kissing Soo Young after ripping off his shirt. Next morning Soo Young sees Min Young’s aunt and remembers what she had said in an interview about the guy she likes should win over all three hearts of the women in her house. So he praises her beauty and helps her to get the spring water to her house. Just then she offers him to come inside and have a glass of water. Min Young wakes up from sleep murmuring about her dream just then she is all surprised to see Soo Young there. She and her aunt fight over this just then he leaves.

Joon ha arrives with food for reporter Ahn, Min young sees it and leaves. On the way she is thinking about him as he was her first love.
At the parliament house Soo Young’s adviser sees him glaring at Ko Dong-Sook  as Min Young was leaning down which adviser couldn’t see.

In the end information about Moon Bong-Sik stealing Min Young’s part of bill is spread. And the whole house is in uproar. Soo Young is concerned for Min Young so he takes her to the roof top ans asks her she needs to be angry on this issue as it is her bill that is stolen. She tells him it’s his entire fault as her head is exploding with his thoughts all round. Just then he grabs her and we have our serials first kiss.


This episode had Soo Young opening up to Min Young with his confession and the love in the end being felt by Min young too. In between the journey Soo Young was trying to live upto Min Young’s ideal guy expectations by helping her aunt. Hee Sun’s first love getting revealed as Joon Ha.  With all this bickering between Soo Young and Min Young we will finally have the love part of the serial turned on.

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  1. GR8 episode and a nice new style of presentation .Keep it up :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement.