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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

[뮤직비디오메이킹] 악동뮤지션 'I Love You' 촬영 현장

Actor Lee Hyun Woo in "I Love You" OST for All About My Romance

The actor Lee Hyun Woo was cast as the main character for Akdong Musician’s  upcoming “I Love You” music video.

You might remember him from "To The Beautiful You" he played the role of Cha Eun-gyul who was the second male lead.

The brother-sister duo that won SBSK-Pop Star Season 2”.
Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun are the two member team of Akdong Musician.

“I Love You” is the  OST  that will be included in  the SBS Wed-Thur drama “All About My Romance.” 

In the music video, Lee Hyun Woo will portray a character that is in a relationship with Akdong Musician member Lee Soo Hyun.
Further it shows Lee Hyun Woo sharing cookies with Lee Soo Hyun. And her brother Lee Chan Hyuk closely observing the progress between the two.
So it will be something like where sister is falling for a guy whom her brother resists at first, but when he realizes after a thorough observation that the guy isn't that bad it will be okay from his side too.

Lee Soo Hyun previously chose Lee Hyun Woo as her favorite star, and the staff asked the actor to appear in the music video, which Lee Hyun Woo easily agreed to. Great this is what we call wish granted as it came from heart.

The music video will be revealed in early May through SBS.

Meanwhile, "I Love You" has been topping charts on various music sites, once again demonstrating the genius siblings′ popularity.

Way to go Akdong Musicians.

Here the has been shared which is a sneak peak into the music video that will be released.

I have added the song in the audio player of the blog, the one you are listening to.

Here is the youtube link for the song.
"I Love You":- All About My Romance OST

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