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Friday, 22 March 2013

Youngie after the revelation
That Winter The Wind Blows
Episode No 13
Unlike other K-dramas That Winter The Wind Blows epiosde 13 has'nt kept us geussing any more. This episode has pandora of secrets revealed.
Whether it be Secretery Wang, Oh Soo, Hee sun or Mi ra. Secretary Wang's  secret about the damage caused to youngie's eyes is not because of brain tumor but RP. Oh Soo is a conman and not her real brother. Mi ra not being a truthful friend.

The story seems to be taking a turn where yongie is being good to Secretery wang and at the same time neglecting Oh Soo. She throws out the bell Oh Soo hung for her in thrash and drops the plant which she refers to as Lamb's ear. She even tags along with Secretary Wang for getting the fittings done for the wedding dress. Interestingly she picks the wedding dress with ruffles. Now You will be thinking why is it interesting. Because she neglected to have the dress according to Secretary Wang's choice an get the one which oppa likes.

Now the story took an interesting turn, What is it? She tells Secretary Wang this is the only gift she could give to her. Her mouth wide open and a question comes out why is she speaking like that. Yongie tells her to leave as soon as the surgery gets done.

She goes on a trip with Oh Soo. The place of trip is when youngie's parents where last together. Here she confronts Oh Soo. Oh Soo tells her that he has no excuses for hurting her. But Youngie lets out all her frustration. In the end Oh Soo can't keep it in and kisses her forcibly.

OOOUUCCHHH shouldn't have done that Oh Soo. Keeping in mind that how vulnerable Youngie was he should have kept limits. But we will forgive Oh Soo for that. As once love is in the air you can't put barriers.

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Hope you enjoy it. M loving it

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