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Monday, 25 March 2013

You are the Best Lee Soon Shin

Its a family drama with a package of 50 episodes. It's broadcasted on Saturdays and Sundays.
The Drama has already started and 6 episodes have been aired. 
The drama is like comfort food which you eat whenever you feel low. And no risks involved, regarding whether you will like it or not.
The drama revolves around a family of three daughters. Their father dies in a road mishap, while trying to save someone. The family is grief stricken after the incident. 
The youngest daughter played by IU (dream high fame) named Lee Soon Shin. She is naive and had a very low success rate in whatever she has done till date. Due to this she becomes a very easy target and gets into a scam, where a man promises her to be casted as an actress. Later on when she gets a phone call from bank, stating she has to start paying 10 Million won debt, this is when it hits her that she has been conned.
Family members are furious over her. 
The story is about people who are scared in life. People who are marred with inferiority complex. It shows how scarred people finally come out of these webs and become free. But it is realistic on the front that breaking these chains aren't a day job. 
It takes you through the struggles, the rejections and hardships one has to go through when everything slowly falls apart.
During Soon Shins struggles she meets Shin Joon Ho played by Jo Jung Suk(King two hearts fame).
He is an arrogant and over confident man, who thinks evrything would turn out the way he wants. He takes in Soon Shin in his drama agency as a part of  a challenge.
Now let us see how these two would cross paths with each other to finally discover true meanings of their lives.

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