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Saturday, 30 March 2013

'All About My Romance' Official Posters are Out
(c) Dramabeans

The stills which were released initially were intense and sharp, which were misguiding as the drama was supposed to be a political romcom. Clear on political stand, not  on romcom.
 Lee Min-jung was shown delivering some speech. Shin Ha-kyun was glaring at the proceedings.
That made me think where exactly is the love angle. 
Then came the unofficial posters, which in itself were completely different story. They looked as if all the four characters were buddies, from college time or something. 
First the narration and second the adaptation didn't fit well. 
But then came the trailers, which helped us connect as to exactly what were these posters and stills trying to convey.  But lets face it, seriously the posters should have been better. They were supposed to be at a glance of the full story. If not that atleast they should have been humorous, keeping in mind there was comedy too.

But these which are here are official posters. They too don't meet the expectations.
Let them not keep you from actually discovering 'All About My Romance'.
Drama is set to premier on April 4, taking the time slot of  'That  Winter The Wind Blows'.
Now it is for us to see, whether we are waiting for Wednesdays and Thursdays. Or are we letting them pass. 
(c) Dramabeans
(c) Dramabeans

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