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Sunday, 31 March 2013

'You are the best Lee Soon Shin' - episode 8 Preview
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Episode 8 preview shows Shin Joon-ho setting up the contract for Lee Soon Shin. Soon Shin meets Shin Yi-jung at the restaurant to show her that and discuss about it.
He prepares a presentation for her, but some how it doesn't go the way he intended. Then he is shown speaking with Choi Yeon-ah, who wishes him luck.
Shin Dong-hyuk Joon Ho's father is shown talking to Song Mi-ryung at his hospital. Soon Shin's grandmother and Chan Woo's father are talking about some old matters. Then Chan Woo's father and mother see Mi ryung waiting in car and get alarmed on seeing her.
Later on Chan Woo is set out on discussing matters with Hye-shin. But she as always don't listen up.
Soon Shin's mother asks her grandma regarding the photo she got last time of her father and Mi ryung. Although she is unable to recognize her. Grandma even after knowing that its her doesn't tell Shin's mother.
But later on she finds the same red shawl shown in the photo.

Link to the preview 

Episode 8 will broadcast today at 19:55(KST).

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