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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Playful Kiss Special Edition
Wondering what 'Playful Kiss Special Edition' is????????
This series didn't gain popularity initially. It was through online telecast and giving rights to Youtube it became a hit.
Seeing how it became a hot stuff special episodes were added to it. These episodes range in a time frame of 11 to 14 minutes. Episodes are small, yet absorbing. When a serial concludes, we always do give it a thought what would have happend after that?? What is there on the other side of the happy ending?? How was life after marriage?? Did Baek Seung Jo soften up?? Or he became moth-eaten??
These special editions will solve and answer your questions to a fair extent.

First in the row being episode No.1 titles - 'Newly wed morning'

This episode unveils how Ha Ni is trying to make most out of the absence of her in laws at home. She plans out the whole day with cooking, cleaning, washing, picking out clothes for Seung Jo and watching a movie together. But as we know how Ha Ni's brain is like a snail mail, she messes up things. Surprisingly Seung Jo bears with it all.

Second Episode No.2- 'Shots are scary'

Ha Ni has to go through certain tests before she can actually start practising. Giving injections being a part of it. Now what goes wrong is?? Generally the ones getting the shots are horrified ones and not the one who is injecting them. But Ha Ni sure is an exception. So Seung Jo after giving it much thought agrees and lets Ha Ni practise to practise on him. She does it wrong, every single time making Seung Jo regret. Now my dear its too late.

Third Episode No.3-'Creating Baek Seung Jo Jr' 

Ha Ni is chatting with her mother in law. She sees her craving for oranges and foods that are generally eaten during pregnancy. Noticing this she tells Ha Ni she thinks she is pregnant. They go to the extent that they buy baby clothes and toys. Seung Jo is irritated with what everybody around him is happy about, even without confirming  the news. Ha Ni gets pensive seeing Seung Jo isn't happy. She points this out to him. He assures her that if it was for real, he ensures to take good care of her.

Fourth Episode No.4-'Beak Seung Jo is My Husband'

An old childhood friend of Seung Jo returns from states. She was very close to him, so close that their parents often talked about the two getting married. Hearing this Ha Ni gets alarmed. Seung Jo tells her not be so. But when this friend tries to lay her hands on Seung Jo, that is when you come to know how much he is in love with her.

Fifth Episode No. 5-'Defending patient Baek Seung Jo'

Ha Ni trips on stairs, falls on Seung Jo. He tries to save her, but gets himself fractured. Now Doctor Seung Jo is patient Seung Jo. Seeing this Ha Ni doesn't let him work. Instead she does everything herself. Reports go wrong, Seung Jo scolds her. She cries saying she is unworthy to be his wife. He sincerely tells her he too feels the same as he couldn't protect her.

Sixth Episode No.6-'Today I got my license'

Ha ni gets her license, but can drive only straight. There is lot of bickering. But in the end Seung Jo tells I ll drive until you learn properly.

Seventh Episode No. 7-'Happy Birthday'

It is Ha Ni's Bday. And Seung Jo who doesn't believe in cuting cake, giving roses and surprises. For the first time decides to do all this for Ha Ni. Isn't that adorable?? The road to this wasn't smooth. The plan doesn't proceed the planned way. But he finally expresses his love and even sings for her three times.

Watch these special editions. If you think Playful Kiss ended too soon.

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