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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Facts you should know about Lee Min Ho

1. He first came to know that he was selected for being the lead in Boys Over Flowers through newspaper.

2.He aspired to become a soccer player during his childhood. He idealises Cristiano Ronaldo.

3.He is close to actors Jung ll Woo and Kim Bum. He knows ll Woo from Childhood.

4.Lee Min Ho has got a female Mini Pinscher dog named "Choco".

5. Song Hye Kyo is the actress he likes the most. He even wants to have a girlfriend like her character in Full House.

6.The thing that he enjoys the most is sleeping. He even sleeps during the shots when it isn't his turn to shoot. He sleep talks and kicks during sleep.

7.He has skipped his mandatory military services. The rules has clause in which one is allowed to take a bail if one is the only man in the family or the only hope for the family.

8. In academics he was good at maths, Constantly scoring 90%.

9.When asked about his first impression of his childhood amigo Jung ll Woo. He said he thought he looked like a woman(Laughing).

10.He still didn't get his license while shooting for Boys Over Flowers.

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