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Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Miss You
Yoon Eun Hye fans!!!!

One of the very first drama featured in 2013 was 'I Miss You'.
Yoon Eun is refreshing, all new and showcases a different side of her. This one is her first melodrama. Despite that she has magnificently potrayed the role of a girl(Lee Soo-yeon) who had a tragic childhood and who is contented on outside but inside she is cold. She carries a grudge against Han Jung-woo played by Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince Fame). What is interesting is the mystery behind holding this grudge?
Soo Yeon had to go through a series of bullying at school because her father was a murderer. Jung woo too studies in the same school and helps her out. Destined events lead to these two characters meeting and falling in love.
The twist comes in the story when Kang Hyung-joon played by Yoo Seung ho comes into the picture. He is the son of Jung woo's grandfather's mistress. There comes a rift between her and Han Tae Joon (Jung woo's father) due to huge sum of family money. She is successful in transferring the money to a swiss bank.
In the process of assuring that money transfer is successful she kidnaps Jung woo. Soo yeon was along with Jung woo when this happened. Lack of time heads  to both being kidnapped. Jung woo was rescued by Tae Joon, but Soo yeon got trapped behind.
Hyung Joon during the whole time was kept safe by his mother. Soo yeon who is left behind somehow finds this place and keeps company to Hyung joon as she had nowhere else to escape.
Later both Hyung Joon and Soo yeon flee to France with nurse Jun Hye-mi, whom his mother had kept for safeguarding. Later they return back to Korea, as a murder takes place at their residence in Korea. They both return with whole new identities. Hyung Joon has turned into Harry a famous businessman and Soo Yeon into Zoe Lou a novice fashion designer.
During the course of time Jung woo has become a homicide detective. He intentionally took up this profession as he was determined to find Soo yeon.
In the murder case at Harry's residence Jung woo is the investigating officer. Due to the investigations going on Zoe gets involved in interrogations. It is during this time the two estranged lovers meet. Intially Zoe diagrees her being Soo yeon but later on it gets clarified.
Lets come to the most engaging part of the serial where series of murders take place. This is where the serial gets evoking as we aren't able to figure out who it is.
Some people might not be able to figure out who is playing Harry. As it gets tricky in mind, since you find this face familiar but how, no clue. Reason being this is his first melodrama as an adult. Ya the guy has just touched the legal age of 20 (in Korea). 'Hearty Paws' is one of the very distinct movies I personally remember, where he was the brother in the movie. Although he is young, he is charismatic. Having almost 10 year age gap with Yoon Eun, he has beautifully acted the part of a die hard and persistant lover.

Watch this drama if you are looking for suspense, melodrama and passionate love.
Check out the outfits Yoon Eun is wearing. You will instantly fall in love with them.

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