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Friday, 22 March 2013

What to expect from episode 14 That Winter The Wind Blows
Yongie tells people who have to leave the house to pack their belongings.
Secretary Wang leaves saying that she is a mom and now a mother has lost to her child so she has to leave.
Same time it shows Lawyer jang saying to her that she wouldn't like to meet her before she leaves.
Now a suitcase filled with money is shown. Which gives a hint that money was given to Oh Soo.
But when Hee Sun asks that if you have left the home why are you empty handed. This points in other direction that Oh Soo didn't take the money.
Then there is President Kim's men shown gambling and saying that there is only Oh Soo who can step on that guy.
Finally Oh Soo leaves telling Youngie that he sincerely loved her.
Youngie tells she too loved him but couldn't bear his deceiving.

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