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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

All About My Romance

Set in political background this drama features Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) and Noh Min Young (Lee Min Jung). Kim Soo Young entered politics after his refusal to bow under the pressure of his superiors.  Noh Min Young is another freshman to assembly, who entered politics after the death of her sister. Her elder sister was a potential presidential candidate. What will make it toilsome is the two leads won't have a happy shot with a click of camera. Rather it will be retakes that you have to go through before you can actually see them romancing. Now question that surrounds is why is it arduous?
Both our leads hail from different political parties. Soo Young represents conservative New Korea Party, on other hand Min Young is from liberal Progressive Labour party.
Although they might be standing on two different daises, but there is one thing which connects them. Both had never harboured any thoughts about entering into politics.
Due to the assembly proceedings  they keep running into and bumping into each other. Its during work when they have fiery exchanges, love starts to blossom in their private lives. 
Having different political ideals they must try to hide their relationship from their colleagues, the press and the public.
Apart from these two leads we have Joon Ha (Park Hee Soon) and Ahn Hee Sun (Han Chae Ah). Joon Ha is a prosecutor who becomes Noh Min Young’s aide when she’s newly elected to her parliamentary post. Ahn Hee Sun will be playing a reporter.  Drama is from the writer of ‘Protect The Boss’. The drama will succeed ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ and begin broadcast next month.

Stills from the drama:-

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