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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Caution:- Spoiler 'That winter The wind blows'
Many of you might not be aware of the fact that there is already a Korean Movie based on the story line of That winter The wind blows. The movie came in 2006 named 'Love Me Not' .
Movie had Moon Young Geun as Min playing the role Song Hye Kyo is playing in the drama.
Kim Joo-hyuk is Julian the role played  by Zo In Sung.
 Now if we see the ending of this movie, it is quite obvious that our drama has a very apt title. Reason being in the end of the movie everything is shown covered with snow. Old memories and belongings of Min is all white and snowy. Now there is something you didn't expect Julian can see. (WHAT?????)
Question is HOW?
Answer to the question is what will make you cry, sad and distressing. Both Julian and Min die. Min had no luck in surviving as tumor had relapsed. And Julian was stabbed as he couldn't repay the debt. They have shown both of them reuniting in Heaven. That is where she can see.
So with 3 episodes to go, lets see how the drama ends.

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