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Sunday, 31 March 2013

'When a Man Loves' Third Teaser
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The third teaser for 'When a Man Loves' are out.
The teaser does everything that you want it to do. It has betrayal, love, agony, revenge and empire success. 
Song Seung Hun looks intriguing. Shin Se Kyung is again playing the same stereotypical roles, of a girl from unfortunate background. 
 Chae Jung An who has a cold and distant relationship with Song Seung Hun is evident even in the trailer. She seemed a happy go lucky character when I saw her in First Shop of Coffee Prince but this character is a bit different. Here she is ready to do everything to get what she desires.
 Yeon Woo Jin is shown having happy times with Song Seung Hun. But the picture develops a crack, as both are shown falling for the same girl, Shin Se Kyung.

Here is the new teaser for the drama.

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