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Thursday, 28 March 2013

All About My Romance- First and Second Teaser

 Lee Min Jung:- I apologise for disappointing my constituency.

 Shin Ha-kyun:-Its the fault of ignorant citizens that they have chosen such an incompetent politician.
(I assume he means her.)

Little does he know that later he will develop feelings and fall for her.
In the end of the teaser both are shown talking. And while drinking he puts his hand around her forehead saying 'I like you or I don't like you'. He keeps on murmuring this.

Watch the first teaser on Youtube:-

Second teaser is  rib-tickling. Both are playing childish games and teasing each other.

Watch the second teaser on Youtube:-

Keep Looking for updates as 3rd teaser is also out. Once I get the translations I will post the video link.

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