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Friday, 22 March 2013

Flower Boy Next Door

If you are a Park Shin Hye fan or Yoon Shin Yoon fan then this serial is a must watch. And if you are not then you are missing what this drama can teach you. 
It is based on a webtoon titled "I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day". While watching the serial you will come to know why the webtoon was titled so.
Now more about the drama. This drama is a bit different from other Kdramas you have watched and is similar too on other stands.
But lets first discover that on waht grounds is it different. There are'nt much variations given in deciding the sets for the serial. The whole shooting mainly revolves around 'OCEAN VILLAGE'. This is the place of residence of our heroine Go Dok Mi. The things that you need to know about this place is it is cheap on terms of rent and most important it has no security deposit. This was the key that Go Dok Mi was looking for. Now question is WHY???
Reason she had a troubled past.(What was it I won't reveal as that is for you to discover.) She lives as a loner avoiding company. Does all montly shopping at once. Lives in hibernation as cold blooded animals. And this is'nt just a metaphor but literally she does that.
Now Enrique Geum played by Yoon Shin Yoon lives in the building across the street. But it is for him steal the peeks. But his elder brother Han Tae-joon. And let me bring you to light he doesn't have much dialouges to go. YaaY!!!
Let us focus on how it is different. In every episode of the drama you get an insight about things and thoughts. And how are these differnt, let me give you one of the insights and then look for yourself.
"Because people aren't machines or toys built in factories we are special and complicated at the same time. Our uses the colors of our hearts, our scents, our pressure points and weaknesses that hurt even when someone grazes it. Telling that everyone is different. One must look for a long time just to make outlines."
 More about this drama will be in later posts. Keep waiting for more insights.

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