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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Upcoming Drama 'When a Man Loves'

This a new drama starring :-

  •  Song Seung-Heon - Han Tae-Sang
  •  Shin Se-Kyung - Seo Mi-Do
  •  Yeon Woo-Jin - Lee Jae-Hee
  •  Chae Jung-Ahn - Baek Sung-Joo 
Song Seung Heon doesn't need any introduction. Shin Se Kyung is the one from Fashion King.  Yeon Woo-Jin from Arang and the magistrate, he was the main protagonist in it. Chae Jung-Ahn from Coffee Prince or you  may remember her from Queen o fReversals.

Now as we have got a sum up of the whole cast, lets explore what is the drama about?
Tae Sang is a man who started from nothing, has risen to where he stands now.  Filled with decisiveness and an incredible drive is what has helped him acheive the dominance as a gangster. Dominance came with a price, after Tase Sang's boss dies he had to marry his beautiful and alluring wife Sung Joo.
Everything goes well, until Mi Do arrives. Friendship between Jae Hee and Tae Sang start taking atrocious turns. Formerly dwelling happy friendship, develops rifts when both Tae Sung and Jae Hae fall for the same girl Mi Do. Mi Do is an earnest and passionate woman. She doesn't fear anything in life, as she has gone through enough.
Now you can figure out its a love triangle. But doesn't remain so for long. When Sung Joo sees Tae Sang falling for Mi Do she plays her own cards. Now the game starts changing and love triangle takes a devious form of a quadrangle.

Now lets see what everyone has to go through before it all ends.

The drama will be featured on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It will be aired in April 2013

Now i will post some' NEW STILLS' from this drama:-

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