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Friday, 22 March 2013

Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek

This show didn't get much hype as i personally wished it should have gotten. Although i didn't anticipate it. The serial doesn't take you through rich scenery or not much money have been invested in the setting of drama.

But inspite of all this what really catches your attention is that it keeps you invested in it.

The leads of the drama Jin Goo and Park Ha Sun have their own hardships. There is nothing new in the nature of it, but it doesn't make you revolve around the usual stuff. Instead in every episode you can feel that advertising isn't merely about promotions. But also about the way they become a part of life or the way they leave an impact on you.
It also make you familiar with the basic workings in and aroun the advertising world. At the same time it takes you for a ride about the ins and outs of this world.

The serial in its very start leaves a strong message that :-
City people inhale advertisements every minute and moment. The morning begins with reading news in newspapers. While travelling they see ads on buses and subway. They also listen to ads broadcasted on radio. Receive ad flyers handed out in streets. They also click on ads while browsing on websites. Even their phones vibrate with advertisements. To those of us living in the city advertisements are temptations, pollutants and art.

I loved the way message has been potrayed.

Watch this out yourself and I promise it won't make you feel you regretted.

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