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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gu Family Book's New Stills

The drama is set to be aired on April 8. Now we have new stills of the leading ladies.

The drama is destined to be quadrangle. This along with 'When a Man Loves' is another one of the quadrangle combo. The other one being aired on April 3. You have one packed with history and half-human, half gumiho conflict. Whereas the other offers modern day setting with gangster, who has fallen into webs from all ends. But what is common among the two is, we have characters chasing for love. And all these running after leads to cross connections.

So here we have the new stills.
Lee Yubi is in the above stills. She will be the first love of Lee Seung-gi.

Suzy will be the one he finally goes for.

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