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Friday, 29 March 2013

Park Shin Hye considered for 'Knife and Flowers'

This is a general picture of the drama.

The title of the drama seems  apropos considering it is based on inner conflict of the princess.
Sword symbolizing the revenge and flower for love. 
It is a period drama with romance. It is scheduled to be broadcasted starting this July on KBS. Airing time slot will  be Wednesday and Thursday.

The drama is being directed by  Kim Yong Soo who has also directed The equator man and White Christmas. The equator man being premiered in last slot along with The King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince, still managed to be number one in rankings. Kwan Min Soo is the screenwriter.

 Park Shin Hye is  being considered to play the lead, Mu Young. This would be her her first KBS drama as a lead, if agreed for the role. 

"Sword and Flower” is the tale of inner conflict, when one has to choose between love and revenge. Mu Young, the daughter of Goguryeo’s King Young Ryu  falls for Yeon Chung the murderer of her own father.He is the son of Yeon Gae So Mun. 

Her entertainment agency neither confirmed nor denied the allegations about the role.

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