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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kim Hyun Joong News
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Those who are not aware of the news that there was Kim Hyun Joong drama that was set to be released in 2013 on KBS.
Reason that it isn't being aired is that KBS declined to give it a time slot in its 2013 drama line up.
The production company for the drama was 100 Media which had invested a whooping 4 billion Won on this project.
Drama's content being too violent and not up to the mark, were the grounds on which the drama had been turned down.
Drama had Kim Hyun Joong as the male lead Baek Mi-Reu. Jeong Yu Mi as the female lead Lee Dan Bi. 
Later on due to delay in the scheduling of the drama and the issues regarding its air, Kim Hyun Joong dropped it.
The actors have been changed but still it didn't manage to book a slot, as KBS reported it as not meeting the required standard.
The story was based on a Japanese Manga. The story illustrated a Baek Mir who had a hard bitten childhood. He was abandoned  by his parents at a very young age. Then a series of events led into him being a fierce and angry youth.
He was full with  the feeling of revenge against the evils of  the society. He had spent his boyhood living in a place surrounded by prostitutes. with the advent of his fathers death his determination to take down the filthy society grew. 
In this process he fell in love with Dan Bi, who by profession is a jewellery designer. Dan Bi already has a loyal suitor, who later on becomes Baek Mir's arch rival.
I personally was waiting foe this drama to come out. But now as we know the drama is out of slot. Most importantly Kim Hyun Joong has dropped out. So now we have to wait longer until we see him again playing dramas. It has been long since the end of Playful Kiss. 
Hope too see more of him soon.

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