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Friday, 22 March 2013

Autumn Tale

Many of you my friends and drama crazy friends must have watched Autumn Tale. As I am currently watching That Winter The Wind Blows it came to my notice that the ones who have loved Song Hye Kyo in this drama would love to know more about her other stunning performances.

This one too is a classic melodrama in which new borns get switched. Story stars  Song Hye Kyo as one of the sisters other being Han Chae Young. Song Hye Kyo goes into a rich family whereas Han Chae Young to a poor mother. It is during an accident the truth of switch comes to light. And both are returned to respective homes to where they belong.
Song Seung Heon being the brother of Song Hye Kyo initially. But now you figured he is'nt actually her brother. So love flutters between the two. Such a relation however wasn't acceptable.
The story gets into a turning point when it comes to light  Song Hye Kyo is diagonized with cancer.
The story hits your chords at every emotional level.
If you are a Song Hye Kyo fan. Then the serial is a must watch. And the ones who haven't fallen in love with her yet, this will make you do so.

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