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Monday, 27 May 2013

‘Seven Days’:- A crime Thriller, Movie Review

 How unnoticed does a week pass???

But this isn’t true for heroine. The statute of limitation is nearing and all she has is the convict against whom all the evidences point.

Life surprises you when least expected. Heroine was living a near perfect life as a lawyer who hasn’t lost a single case yet, just then her daughter gets abducted. Money is the first reason that comes to mind, but the ransom in this case is release of a dangerous suspect. The crime that the convict has committed is so heinous, despite that she takes up the case as she really doesn’t have a choice.  

Finding new evidences that would say otherwise for the convict is proving out to be real challenging for her. But now when each second counts we have her working on all angles day and night. And when she has collected enough of them to extend the case and get some time, the evidences are gone. The very next day happens to be the last of these seven days. Just the midnight is what she has for faintest of hope.

These very few hours in hand made her realize that she is actually back at square one and not because the evidences are gone, also because things finally start to unravel. She after doing all the running realizes that she is back at square one.

What is that gets unraveled?? And who is this convict?? Is he really guilty?? How come the evidences are gone?? These all are the questions. And you know the best way to get them answered is watch ‘Seven Days’.

The film is gripping and keeps the guessing game on. Characters build up pretty fast and the clues just get piling up. New people keep adding on and make us think even harder each time one pops up.

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