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Thursday, 2 May 2013

When a Man Loves :- Episode 10 Preview


Baek Sung Joo:- You should look clean.(Trying to shirt in for Han Tae Sang.)

Han Tae Sang:- Its ok, Sung Joo.

The very moment Lee Jae Hee and Seo Mi Do step in and they see both of them in a compromised position.
It is how this looks to them.

Lee Jae Hee:- I hope it works out between you two. You have been long time friends and business partners.

Koo Yong-Kab:- May I ask you something? Is Han Tae Sang your son? (He is at his mother's restaurant.)

She is shocked as soon as she hears his words.

Koo Yong-Kab:- I came to the right place.(Seeing her reaction.)

Seo Mi Do:- What kind of director are you? You mistreat your staff.(While they are having coffee outside, sitting on a park bench.)

Lee Jae Hee:- I'm not your boss right now. I'm Jae Hee cheering for your dream.( He sends her off on a motor bike.)

Baek Sung Joo:- Tae Sang!!!

Han Tae Sang:- Don't be far away from me. I will make you the happiest girl in the world. (While at her house he hugs her. She hugs him back too.)

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