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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

'I Hear Your Voice'

This drama  just came in time to save all those who were experiencing a 'Drought Situation' in terms of variety in dramas being offered this year round.

The drama offers you everything. And by everything, i don't mean 'Conditions Applied', this literally spans all genre. We have romance which this young high school lad has for a lawyer, who in past helped him get justice to the murder of his father. But back then she too was a school kid.

So this gives a hint as to how this childhood incident will later add to mystery part of the drama. Moving on we have suspnese too with a new and fresh case getting build up. In total till now we had three different cases shown in these first three episodes.

Boy does the list get interesting?? Yes it does. We have fantasy too. As this young lad can hear people's inner thoughts. So wow!!! we have romance, mystery,suspense and fantasy till now.

And the pacakage still has one thing left to deliver 'Comedy' yes that too is there.
As our lady lawyer is all quirky and meets this another lawyer in her office, who is completely opposite of the person she is, the comic part begins.

So if you have got all worked up looking the same periodic dramas, time travel, romantic dramas, comedy dramas and want a fresh start. Grab your snacks and glue to the drama. 

For more on the drama wait for next post.

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