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Thursday, 9 May 2013

When a Man Loves:- Episode 12, Preview

Lee Jae Hee:- Just because love matters gone wrong, letting it ruin your business deals is elementary.(They are sitting around a table and having lunch. Mi Do and Tae Sang are sitting across to him.)

Han Tae Sang:- That is not something that you should say infront of me.(Replying to his above remark.)

Lee Jae Hee:- I think president is not a good match for you.(Mi Do and Jae Hee are taking a walk while he was saying this.)
What happened yesterday wasn't a mistake but my true heart.

They are all shown again travelling in a train.

Baek Sung Joo:- Have you ever asked your older brother why he went to prison?
This from president Han's point of view, if you can't handle the truth then you can stop. (They are having lunch at a restaurant.)

Lee Jae Hee:- Are you mocking me right now?(He gets angry and stands up.)

Seo Mi Do:- I have something to tell you. Things turned out the way you wanted.

Han Tae Sang:- What are you saying?

Seo Mi Do:- Should we get married this weekend?

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