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Saturday, 4 May 2013

All About My Romance:- Episode 10, preview


Kim Soo Young:- What am I supposed to do now? I was going to give the finished products to No Min Young as gift when she accepted me.

You can see him jumping all round his house, dancing. He isn't able to contain the joy within himself. And additional note he looks damn adorable.

No Min Young:- I always thought I was asexual. But I'm a woman. And happy to be a woman. (While she is at the park with Kim Soo Young. They are finally having a fun time deciding to date in secrecy.)

Song Joon Ha:- I'm wondering if loves means having to free the other person so that they can be happy.

There a scene shown where she is all happy with her aunt and Bo Ri, just then Joon Ha is entering.

No Min Young:- Pretending not to be close with someone is even more harder than pretending to be close to someone.( While Kim Soo Young is dragging her to the back stairs, to have some good time with her.)

Kim Soo Young:- That was going overboard. You don't have to go that far.(Saying this he kisses her on forehead.)

Kim Soo Young's advisers talking amongst discussing among themselves. That how can this be his first date when he is nearing 40 years of his life.

They both are searching on net all kind of places where he can take her.

Kim Soo Young:- Forget it.(After hearing all kind of suggestions from both his advisers.)

Leader Go:- I think reporter Ahn has feelings for you.(Speaking to Kim Soo Young.)

Kim Soo Young:- So???

Leader Go:- If it's Hee Sun then neither you nor I have anything to loose.

Hee Sun's dad and Leader Go have lunch together.

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